mardi, juin 23, 2009

Litha, Gribi, Film

Litha, one one of the major pagan festivals on June 21/22 was passed very well. We did not had good enough weather to be outside and light a bonfire, tough. But it was fine anyway. Now the days will get shorter again, the midsummer soon will end and pass into the high summer. Hopefully there will be plenty of days good for swimmming and bathing. Not like today - it was really cold.

Gribi is a lot better. The medics work. Now I don't expect them doing miracles, but obviously, they improve his quality of life a lot. He eats, is fine and calm, yet attentive and playful-friendly. The veterinarian costed a lot of money but that was worth it.
I am afraid, the other cats are a bit jealous seeing me spending so much time spoiling Gribi.

I finally finished a big and difficult scene in the Bêtes des Vosges Film. JFK on the spooked horse, running trough the forest and finally falling off the saddle. Boy, THAT was a heavy load of work! But I think it came out pretty well. I can't wait to upload a teaser on youtube of that project.

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