jeudi, juin 18, 2009

R.I.P my camera!

It has first signs days ago and now it's obvious: My camera is dead. Not working anymore. Well, it was not a very expensive item and it lasted a few years, so I guess it is okay. I am sad anyway, because it will be some time until I can buy me a new one.

As for the work, I am not advancing as fast as I hope. Garden and Cycling consumes a lot of time and I had many other things to do also. It was Tax declaration season, too. I actually have to make declarations for 3 offices. Really annoying.

I tried to include an RSS feed on this blog, since I was asked for. You can find the link in the right column. It doesn't look very elegant. It was already hard to find the code bit to ue for, now I have to figure out how to make it look less clumsy.

I finished his drawing 2 days ago. It shows austrian troops crosing the alps to invade sothern France. A scene out of "Antique White House" of course.

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Mauser*Girl a dit…

Yay! RSS feed! *dances*