mercredi, juin 10, 2009

They are everywhere!

I mean: Strawberries! After the wonderful month of may we had (warm and wet) they grew so well. In my garden - and as those wild little things out in the country. On every cycling tour I pick up a basket full of them. And on every tour I discover a new ground. They grow in the fields, along the road and even on the stony soil around the waterhouse.
Really, I love strawberries. They are amongst the most tasty fruits on earth. And they are low in calories. Something this good usually isn't.
I love all kind of berries, raspberries, blackberries and so on. But Strawberries are something special. On the trip I passed by the cows pasture and I saw a cow lying flat in the grass. First, I thought she was dead. It would not have been the first bovine I discover dead on the field. But she was breathing.

As for my work, I get along pretty well. I finshed another sequence of Thyla and work on the fifth scene of Bête des Vosges. By the way, I tried to figure out what the beast would look like. First, I tought of a classical wolf being just a bit bigger. But then, I think it would be too common. So I imagined a lot more disturbing creature, with human face:
First I even wanted to give it the likeness of a famous person, President Sarkozy or the swiss politician Couchepin (who is really ugly!) . But well, after sleeping over it, I didn't feel like drawing ugly politicians hundreds and hundreds of times as it would be required for the film. So I guess the above will do the job.

5 commentaires:

Mauser*Girl a dit…

For some reason, the beast reminds me of Kilan from Donna's "Stinz".

Diana Kennedy a dit…

Because its black and has a human face with theeth. I will try to change the nose more to avoid a too close likeness.

Mauser*Girl a dit…

Unrelated to Kilan ... A friend of mine just sent me a link that I thought you might like.

It's WWII photo albums, but A LOT of them have horse photos in them and photos of soldiers riding and such. I found them pretty interesting.

Madame Ringading a dit…

Wild strawberries are the best. They're just coming out around here.

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Madame Ringading. Yes, the wild strawberries have a taste that cannot be beaten.

@Mausergirl: WOW! The Link is great. I can't read the russion captions, but the photos sure are fascinating.