jeudi, juillet 30, 2009

Bombed city

Today, I finished this drawing of a war scene, out of Antique White House. The Picture is part of a History of Americania series of images I actually work on. This series shall illustrate the important moments of the more than 3000 year old history of Americania, beginning in the early tribe ages until the present, which ist 1801 and JFK as president.

The man on the horse is actually General Eisenhower. The likness is not really good, but, what the heck. Alltough the depicted war is supposed to be something similar to WW2 (when it comes to its results) the uniforms are more WW1.
That's the advantage with alternate timelines, you can play around with all kind of details, mixing them in a new way.
By the way: The original art is for sale here:
Take the chance to obtain a real goodie.

When you don't have a stove but only an old heating plate that has seen better days, making real Swiss Rösti is painful. This is why on a sunny day, I go outside, light the fire place and cook them on open flames. There they get the right heat to become all golden and crunchy. By the way: the little tree behind the fire place is Beppi. He has grown up a bit, but not really much. Apparently, he preferred getting a broader stem than going into height.

samedi, juillet 25, 2009

Some Pics

I did a lot of photographing today, trying to get used to my mew camera. To be honest, I am not really happy with it by every means. It is pretty hard to make sharp pictures, I dunno, maybe I am just not experienced enough, but I had a better score of sharp pictures with my old camera. Also do I think that pictures done inside with flashlight are a lot lesser good than those done with my former model.

I did this one of the wild flowers I picked up yesterday, used flashlight:

The colors are not bright enough, all the inside pics I made look as seen trough a veil. (Yes, I removed the thin plastic sheet that was "glued" on the objectif ;-)

Next thing is the macro-zoom. Here, the new camera beats the old one in that way that I can get a lot closer to the subject than before (11 - 18 cm). The old had 60 cm as its closest distance allowed. Some nice shots of my flowers and fruits were possible:

The Problem is that the Normal zoom works from 1 meter to infinite, so there isn't a way to make sharp images in the distance between 11 and 100 cm. :-/

The front of my garden at the road-side. The stone-wall is typical for the Area, it was used since centuries to divide propereties.

Pumpkins growing along my house. Like every year, I have more luck with the pumkins I plant on the houseyard than those I plant on the Garden ground (the Garden-ground is 60 Meters down the street). Hell knows why. I used to think it is because in the Garden, they have less water in Summer, while I can shower those at the house any day, but this summer was rainy, hot and wet so that this excuse doesn't really work.

Georgie outside, where he doesn't belong. Before I catched him to bring him inside again I made this shot. While my old camera was bad in making pics of moving objects, this one seems to be more tolerant. George was walking and still, the image is halfway clear.

vendredi, juillet 24, 2009

New camera

Today, my new camera arrived. Nothing spectacular, just a little compact Digital, like the one I had. I took it without reading the manual on a cycling trip out in the dark, cloudy day. So the first pics made with it are not likely to win a prize. ;-)

Still dark and heavy clouds are passing by. In the foreground are the wild blackberries wines I pick from.

The blackberries. Harvesting them is a scratchy affair.

The Flower meadow. I was happy to go to it again, despite of my allergy. I didn't have symptoms, wether it is the medics that work by now or just not enough pollen in the air is uncertain. But I really enjoyed it and picked up a beautiful bouquet.

Weather forecast announces sunshine for the coming days, therefore I hope I can take more and better photos then. For now, back to drawing!

jeudi, juillet 23, 2009

Rainy days

We have a lot of Thunderstorms with heavy rain in these days, so going out cycling or gardening has become difficult. Let alone drawing outside or bathing.
Therefore I have a little more time to work inside on my projects. Today, I finished a scene of Thyla:

Joséphine the chimp out of herself attacking the Quagga who dared to laugh at her. This got me really trained drawing chimps!

As for the Bête des Vosges Film, I almost finished another Scene, it only lacks a couple of frames.
It was a very difficult scene, requiring tons of drawings because Jack was supposed to advance very carefully trough the thick woods.

There, I met the limitations of the Anime Studio Programm for it is not really made for frame-by-frame animation. Still, it is great to animate background objects, but when you insist doing the characters outside of the programm and then importing them, the programm likes to bitch a bit about that.

I bought myself a new camera at Ebay and am now waiting for the parcel to come. Hope it will be soon. I would like to take some photos of the flowers.

mardi, juillet 21, 2009

Stealing at others.

There is a Video-Community called ToonTube, spezialized in animated Films . Many real good cartoons are hosted there. I also do host mine on it. Recently, a new site has open, a site that offers "adult animated films".
Well, there's nothing to say against that, even tough that personally, animated porn is definitely not the kind of thing I am into.

But why the heck, must this site call itself Toon Tube?

The same name, just with a space between "Toon" and "Tube".
That is not only a lack of originality, but simply an attempt to profit from the name (and therefore the efforts and works) of others. I can't say how much I despise such behavior.

At Google, the imitator is even ranked berfore the original.
Sometimes, the internet is very ugly. Really.

mercredi, juillet 15, 2009

Some Artwork done

I finally finished the drawing above, showing President Kennedy on an official visit in Vienna. He travels from the airport to the Palace, accompanied by Emperor Franz Joseph and his Wife, Elisabeth. Bot are older than their cousins in Reality became. It was fun to think how they would look this aged. The drawing was made for the Weltenbibliothek.

Today, I also finished an even more complex art:

It shows the wheel of the year as seen trough the spiritual tradition in Americania (and my personal one) The major pagan festivals are there as well as specific americanian ones. The blue areas on the weel mark the seasons. The names in the wheel-slices are the month-names as they are used in Americania, the common month names are outside. We are actually in the moon of the crickets, in the season of High-Summer.

Yesterday, I also finished an other scene of the Bêtes des Vosges Film:

And tomorrow, I probably can finish another Scene of Thyla.

So things progress, even if it's at a very slow pace now, since I spend all morning outside, gardening and cycling.

jeudi, juillet 09, 2009

Rear Window

I assume that a lot of you know the hitch classic "Rear Window". One of my favourite films ever. The sight at the window from our little apartment in Basel always remind me of this movie. There is also a backyard surrounded by houses. One can very well observe what is going on behind all those windows and those balconies on the other sides.

A lot of trees grow in the backyard. I think it is an interesting view, even if I would not want to live here all time long. But for one or two nights a month it is okay.

This time tough, it was not okay. We went in Basel and spent the night from July 7 to 8 in the apartment. I was tired from a long drive and tour trough the city and just wanted to sleep. I opened the window - and heard music. Shitty, loud music.
Somewhere in the house on the photo to the left, some jerk kept his window / balcony door wide open, all while listening his music at full amplitude. Of course, it was a warm summer night but for which reason should all those who also like to have their windows open be forced to listen to his music, too?
When I watched TV before, I kept the windows shut. To me, the most normal and minimal consideration for the neighbourhood. It was past 22:00PM and I observed how the others just closed their windows in order to escape the noise and sleep in peace.

I really wonder why everyone is accepting such a behaviour without even trying to protest.

I yelled loud into the backyard - stop that fucking noise, there's people who want to sleep here!
No reaction. Then I was so upset that I decided to call the cops. They came very quickly, but as if this Retard smelled them in advance, he quit 2 minutes before they arrived. Fortunately, the cops were not angry for being alerted in vain. They said that I can call them again any time and should call them sooner, so it would be more probable that the noise is still ongoing when they are here. Next time, I swear, I will do so!

Again, I wonder why I was apparently the only person who took action. I can't believe that all the other neighbours really agree to live with that noise. I guess, everyone fears the "fuzz" or even the "revenge" of the Noisemaker. This gives him a lot of power.

Apparently, you can get away with almost everything, just be reckless enough.

lundi, juillet 06, 2009

Scent peas

Since It will be probably only about the End of July until I will be able to buy me a new camera, I took this picture of the "scent peas" with my cell phone. It was the first time I cultivated these flowers and I simply love them. The colors are fantastic. Next years I want to have at least trice as much.
As you can see in the right corner of the picture, at the bottom of the "scent peas" the crashed forsithya has indeed raised again.

Tomorrow, I ill be off for another Trip to Basel.

Gribi is still well. He eats a lot now.