jeudi, juillet 30, 2009

Bombed city

Today, I finished this drawing of a war scene, out of Antique White House. The Picture is part of a History of Americania series of images I actually work on. This series shall illustrate the important moments of the more than 3000 year old history of Americania, beginning in the early tribe ages until the present, which ist 1801 and JFK as president.

The man on the horse is actually General Eisenhower. The likness is not really good, but, what the heck. Alltough the depicted war is supposed to be something similar to WW2 (when it comes to its results) the uniforms are more WW1.
That's the advantage with alternate timelines, you can play around with all kind of details, mixing them in a new way.
By the way: The original art is for sale here:
Take the chance to obtain a real goodie.

When you don't have a stove but only an old heating plate that has seen better days, making real Swiss Rösti is painful. This is why on a sunny day, I go outside, light the fire place and cook them on open flames. There they get the right heat to become all golden and crunchy. By the way: the little tree behind the fire place is Beppi. He has grown up a bit, but not really much. Apparently, he preferred getting a broader stem than going into height.

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