vendredi, juillet 24, 2009

New camera

Today, my new camera arrived. Nothing spectacular, just a little compact Digital, like the one I had. I took it without reading the manual on a cycling trip out in the dark, cloudy day. So the first pics made with it are not likely to win a prize. ;-)

Still dark and heavy clouds are passing by. In the foreground are the wild blackberries wines I pick from.

The blackberries. Harvesting them is a scratchy affair.

The Flower meadow. I was happy to go to it again, despite of my allergy. I didn't have symptoms, wether it is the medics that work by now or just not enough pollen in the air is uncertain. But I really enjoyed it and picked up a beautiful bouquet.

Weather forecast announces sunshine for the coming days, therefore I hope I can take more and better photos then. For now, back to drawing!

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