jeudi, juillet 23, 2009

Rainy days

We have a lot of Thunderstorms with heavy rain in these days, so going out cycling or gardening has become difficult. Let alone drawing outside or bathing.
Therefore I have a little more time to work inside on my projects. Today, I finished a scene of Thyla:

Joséphine the chimp out of herself attacking the Quagga who dared to laugh at her. This got me really trained drawing chimps!

As for the Bête des Vosges Film, I almost finished another Scene, it only lacks a couple of frames.
It was a very difficult scene, requiring tons of drawings because Jack was supposed to advance very carefully trough the thick woods.

There, I met the limitations of the Anime Studio Programm for it is not really made for frame-by-frame animation. Still, it is great to animate background objects, but when you insist doing the characters outside of the programm and then importing them, the programm likes to bitch a bit about that.

I bought myself a new camera at Ebay and am now waiting for the parcel to come. Hope it will be soon. I would like to take some photos of the flowers.

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