jeudi, juillet 09, 2009

Rear Window

I assume that a lot of you know the hitch classic "Rear Window". One of my favourite films ever. The sight at the window from our little apartment in Basel always remind me of this movie. There is also a backyard surrounded by houses. One can very well observe what is going on behind all those windows and those balconies on the other sides.

A lot of trees grow in the backyard. I think it is an interesting view, even if I would not want to live here all time long. But for one or two nights a month it is okay.

This time tough, it was not okay. We went in Basel and spent the night from July 7 to 8 in the apartment. I was tired from a long drive and tour trough the city and just wanted to sleep. I opened the window - and heard music. Shitty, loud music.
Somewhere in the house on the photo to the left, some jerk kept his window / balcony door wide open, all while listening his music at full amplitude. Of course, it was a warm summer night but for which reason should all those who also like to have their windows open be forced to listen to his music, too?
When I watched TV before, I kept the windows shut. To me, the most normal and minimal consideration for the neighbourhood. It was past 22:00PM and I observed how the others just closed their windows in order to escape the noise and sleep in peace.

I really wonder why everyone is accepting such a behaviour without even trying to protest.

I yelled loud into the backyard - stop that fucking noise, there's people who want to sleep here!
No reaction. Then I was so upset that I decided to call the cops. They came very quickly, but as if this Retard smelled them in advance, he quit 2 minutes before they arrived. Fortunately, the cops were not angry for being alerted in vain. They said that I can call them again any time and should call them sooner, so it would be more probable that the noise is still ongoing when they are here. Next time, I swear, I will do so!

Again, I wonder why I was apparently the only person who took action. I can't believe that all the other neighbours really agree to live with that noise. I guess, everyone fears the "fuzz" or even the "revenge" of the Noisemaker. This gives him a lot of power.

Apparently, you can get away with almost everything, just be reckless enough.

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