mercredi, juillet 15, 2009

Some Artwork done

I finally finished the drawing above, showing President Kennedy on an official visit in Vienna. He travels from the airport to the Palace, accompanied by Emperor Franz Joseph and his Wife, Elisabeth. Bot are older than their cousins in Reality became. It was fun to think how they would look this aged. The drawing was made for the Weltenbibliothek.

Today, I also finished an even more complex art:

It shows the wheel of the year as seen trough the spiritual tradition in Americania (and my personal one) The major pagan festivals are there as well as specific americanian ones. The blue areas on the weel mark the seasons. The names in the wheel-slices are the month-names as they are used in Americania, the common month names are outside. We are actually in the moon of the crickets, in the season of High-Summer.

Yesterday, I also finished an other scene of the Bêtes des Vosges Film:

And tomorrow, I probably can finish another Scene of Thyla.

So things progress, even if it's at a very slow pace now, since I spend all morning outside, gardening and cycling.

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