samedi, juillet 25, 2009

Some Pics

I did a lot of photographing today, trying to get used to my mew camera. To be honest, I am not really happy with it by every means. It is pretty hard to make sharp pictures, I dunno, maybe I am just not experienced enough, but I had a better score of sharp pictures with my old camera. Also do I think that pictures done inside with flashlight are a lot lesser good than those done with my former model.

I did this one of the wild flowers I picked up yesterday, used flashlight:

The colors are not bright enough, all the inside pics I made look as seen trough a veil. (Yes, I removed the thin plastic sheet that was "glued" on the objectif ;-)

Next thing is the macro-zoom. Here, the new camera beats the old one in that way that I can get a lot closer to the subject than before (11 - 18 cm). The old had 60 cm as its closest distance allowed. Some nice shots of my flowers and fruits were possible:

The Problem is that the Normal zoom works from 1 meter to infinite, so there isn't a way to make sharp images in the distance between 11 and 100 cm. :-/

The front of my garden at the road-side. The stone-wall is typical for the Area, it was used since centuries to divide propereties.

Pumpkins growing along my house. Like every year, I have more luck with the pumkins I plant on the houseyard than those I plant on the Garden ground (the Garden-ground is 60 Meters down the street). Hell knows why. I used to think it is because in the Garden, they have less water in Summer, while I can shower those at the house any day, but this summer was rainy, hot and wet so that this excuse doesn't really work.

Georgie outside, where he doesn't belong. Before I catched him to bring him inside again I made this shot. While my old camera was bad in making pics of moving objects, this one seems to be more tolerant. George was walking and still, the image is halfway clear.

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