mardi, juillet 21, 2009

Stealing at others.

There is a Video-Community called ToonTube, spezialized in animated Films . Many real good cartoons are hosted there. I also do host mine on it. Recently, a new site has open, a site that offers "adult animated films".
Well, there's nothing to say against that, even tough that personally, animated porn is definitely not the kind of thing I am into.

But why the heck, must this site call itself Toon Tube?

The same name, just with a space between "Toon" and "Tube".
That is not only a lack of originality, but simply an attempt to profit from the name (and therefore the efforts and works) of others. I can't say how much I despise such behavior.

At Google, the imitator is even ranked berfore the original.
Sometimes, the internet is very ugly. Really.

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Mauser*Girl a dit…

I feel your pain.

I belong to two German Shepherd forums online, and recently, someone started a website that has the exact same name and URL as one of them, except it ends in .com and not .net like the one I belong to.

To make matter worse, the person who started the site is advertising it on the other two sites and sending private emails to people asking them to sign up. I got such an email. When I asked them how in the heck they'd gotten my email address, they told me that "other forums, breeders and trainers" had given them the email addresses of "their clients whom they thought would be interested". Yeah, right. I know the people who run both boards and there's no way in hell they'd give anyone our email addresses!

So not only are they trying to use another community's link and membership base to increase theirs, they're also going through and harrassing individual members to join, saying that the forum owners gave them their email addresses!

People are SCUM.

Diana Kennedy a dit…

this sounds real nasty. Trying to fish away the users in addition to steal the name...

Wes a dit…

That is horrible. I did another search on google and it looks like there are a bunch of adult sites using Toon Tube in there name in some form. Very sad stuff.