lundi, août 31, 2009

Facebook, Myspace, Xing and so on...

Today, I went on my Facebook-account where I haven't been since a couple of months. It was as boring and stiff as I remembered it. Just as for my other social-network accounts I never visit, let alone update, be it Myspace, Xing and whatever their weird names are - I was very much compelled by others into signin up the Facebook-account once.
No doubt that these Sites apparently do work for a lot of people. That's fine for them. It doesn't work for me. I perceive its interface as complicated, very inflexible and pretty much as not customisable. The ad-tower at right which is definitely not clearly enough separated from the "true" content, is proof that even more than on other communities, Facebook-users are merely willing sandwich-men for ads and still more ads. Stupid ads, Such a the "loose 45 pounds in ten seconds"  or  "find out who were your ancestors - you are probably an offspring of Grijgori Rasputin"  Shit.

Okay, I shouldn't have signed up, in the first place, you might say. And you are right. My fault. I see it as a result of my efforts to try out nearly everything on the net. I think that the classic Blogs are still the best way for the virtual bridge between your own life and thougts and those of others. It is a community of individuals with VERY individual realms, as are their blogs. It's what I am looking for.

Anyway, The next days work will be leaving these communities or at least, leave a clear message there, stating where I can be found and that I will show up only on exceptions.

Reminds me of that very cool stamp on Deviantart:

dimanche, août 30, 2009

Lizards vs Cohen

Discovered a new song of the Austin Lounge Lizards: Well, at least, it was new to me: Leonard Cohen's Day Job. Leonard Cohen surely was the least artist I could think of being at risk to become the "victim" of a satirical song. Maybe that's because he is my very favourite Songwriter/Singer. I guess for some others he is just too "artsy" and too bound to surrealism.

I like the Lizards too, mostly for their biting political satire or when they make fun of Idiots, so it was a bit of an odd experience to listen to that song. Tune and Text are quite cool, making it a real good satire and I think it's okay, even for a big fan as me.

Gribi is still well. I took this photo yesterday, when Georgie was cleaning him.

samedi, août 29, 2009

Oktoberfest - Spread-Design of the Week

As you may know, I do a lot of Designs for Spreadshirt's Marketplace. I have over 300 Designs online. Since there is that neat "blog this design" feature, I will blog a design of mine every week now.
This one is adigital-trasfer Design, meanig it only works on white textiles. Normally, I do Flock-Print designs, that can be placed on every kind of colour.


vendredi, août 28, 2009

Calendar Picture August

Today, I finished the art for month of August in the 2010 JFK-Calendar. This one took me quite a while. I managed to follow my plan, doing each month the image of the corresponding month in the calendar. This way, I was best inspired. If I want to put together the calendar in late October, I will have to speed up things, tough. I already made month of December in January. Now I will do September, October and November as quick as possible - during September.

Biggest issue is always to have the right idea. Even tough my favourite months will be on shedule, I have an Idea only for September. For October, I feel like drawing a ride in the golden Forests, but I guess that's the same thing as always. I maybe should try to vary. On the other hand, that actually IS what I like to do. We will see...

jeudi, août 27, 2009

Beautiful colours

Since my Bicycle has a permanent flat tyre - which requires me to see a mechanic 30 Kilometers away from my village, I was out on foot today, in order to keep up with my exercising.

I noticed that the first coloured leaves are on the ground. Here and there yellow and red spots paint the forests. Sure, Autumn isn't far away now.
Fall IS my very favourite season, despite of the fact that the departing of summer has something melancholic.

Also worked on the movies, today. Scene 18: first one that me made draw JFK in a close-up, so that I had to show his eye colour. Do you know what his actual eye colour was? A lot of people think it was blue, including myself for a long time. After all, some testimonies from people who saw him alive said so. Well, no, according to his WW2 military ID-card, they were green. Some paintings also show them green.
Green eyes of course do match his ocean and water bond. Green like seaweed. That has something special.
I carefully choose the green to use for his eyes and added it to my Corel 11 -palette as "JFK-Eyes".

mercredi, août 26, 2009

Farewell, Ted Kennedy

Without much words.

mardi, août 25, 2009

Risky Lifestyle

Since I have to take a lot of medics, I must go to see the doctor every 3 months in order to have my prescriptions renewed. Of course, also to check out my health.

Today was such a day. The doctor was pleased to see that I lost even more weight since my last visit. Blood Pressure check showed a much lower pressure and so he decided to decrease my Anti-pressure medication.

I started with Aprovel 300g when I was diagnosed high-pressure, 6 years from now. Pressure was very high then and had caused me a minor stroke, so that I had to learn a lot of speaking again.
During my weight loss, the pressure constantly fell and last time, the doc decided to lower me on Aprovel150, which I was very pleased about.

Today, he got me down on Aprovel75!!

"There are good chances that we can even stop the Aprovel totally, in a few months or at most, in a year," he said.
Well, these are very good news. Back then, when I had to start the medication, I was told that it will be probably for lifetime. Now there's serious hope I can get rid of those medics one day.
I am not the only one who is supposed to be happy about not getting stuck with Aprovel the rest of my life, my health insurance surely is, too. Aprovel is a freaking expensive box of pills. It costs over 30 Euros for a month's package.

This makes it at least understandable, why some people demand that over-weighted folks have to pay more for their health-insurance, just as smokers have to, because of their increased risk to make the community pay for diseases that could have been avoided.

Problem with that is, when you start to sort out diseases by their level of self-induction, you go into a bottomless swamp. A lot of health problems actually result entirely or at least partially of the patient's way of life, conduct or habits.
Every winter, a bunch of idiots leave the marked Ski-Roads, because they think that they are smarter and better skiers than the rest, and then get caught under avalanches (which they do even trigger, in most of the cases) or fall down some abysses.
The Rescue - men, dogs, helicopters - all what you need to digg these idiots out of the mountains, have to be paid by the community most of the time. The repair of their countless broken bones is in any case to be paid by health insurance. But I hear very little people asking that Skiers should pay more.

Actually, some health insurances ask folks who do "risky sports" such as Paragliding, Bungee-Jumping and other crazy stuff to pay more.

In my opinion, it doesn't take so much as jumping down from buildings with a bed blanket as parachute in order to get health problems you would not have, if you were just a bit more careful with your way of living.

Obesity can have complex causes what makes it even more difficult to be put it in the same basket as smoking. Nobody has to smoke to stay alive, but everybody has to eat. The question on how many and what is, up to a certain point, highly individual and still not entirely understood by science.

dimanche, août 23, 2009

Fruit War

French Vegetable and fruit Farmers protested against the low prices they get from the distribution chains, by blocking the access of several Super-Markets. The "protesting method" consisted of dropping tons of peaches and other fruits on the parking yard.

Well, the conflict is not new. All while consumers pay a lot of money for fruit and vegetables in the Supermarkets, the farmers see very little of it. So obviously, the big retailers keep most of the profit. I don't want to go into the depth of the debate, if either the Supermarkets are too greedy or, as some say, they can barely cover their expenses, such as logistics, selling space, employees and so on.

I am all for a fair price for the farmers, but what disturbs me, is the way of the protest.
I mean: dropping tons of fresh fruit on the ground? WTF?!!

Their spokesman said "we hope, consumers get on our side. We are fighting for a more ethic commerce".
Okay, speaking of ethics, why don't start with a good example and just stop wasting food?
We consumers are supposed to look at your products as something of value. How can we, when you treat it like crap ? Why should we pay high prices - and probably even higher ones, in order to get you a better income, when what we have to pay for is something you can throw away by means of tons, if you feel like it?

Of course, this would not have been possible, if we hadn't had this real gorgeous year that brought us a head-high crop of all sorts. Your barns are full up to the roof, that's why you can missuse it as ammunition. Still, its Food-wasting.

There are a lot of people in France who are very poor and even myself have to consider carefully wether or not I can buy me these or these fruits. And you throw them on a dirty parking - Well, fuck off!

As a Pagan, I don't have a notion of sin, like the Christians have, but when there is one thing where, in my eyes, the concept of "sin" do apply, then it is the wasting of food and other natural ressources.

There would have been so much other possibilities to protest and raise awarness.
Donate the fruits to the Restaurant du coeur at a "national action day", for example. The Restaurants du coeur were originally created by the French Comedian Coluche and it consists of a chain of restaurants which serve free food the the most poor ones.
For this, they collect food. Giving the fruits to them would have arised much more sympathy for the cause than just making a mess on the Supermarkt Parking.

samedi, août 22, 2009

Face to face

...and another scene finished! The work goes on very smoothly, these days!

Gribi is well, too. He started eating again nicely. Still, I am feeding him the high-energy Tube-Food, in order to be sure he gets enough of all nutriments.

vendredi, août 21, 2009

Rainy drawing day

Today I finished another Scene of the Bêtes des Vosges Film. I am pretty happy with the way it came out. JFK runs over a dead tree, which, of course, will not hold. Next scene will show the stem slowly collapsing with lots of creaking and cracking. Looking forward to do that...

This morning brought us heavy rain. Finally, because the earth was really dry. Also a good occasion to stay inside and draw more.
The cats like rainy days, too. They seem to be particularly aware of the fact that they have a roof over their heads and can relax nicely while it is really uncanny outside. The photo shows Gribi (right) and big Flecki slacking on my sofa.

jeudi, août 20, 2009


When you are cleaning the house - I mean also those parts and corners that haven't been bothered for a long time ago, chances are that you'll find a lot of things that triggers old and forgotten memories. I am currently reorganising the garret. Since the liveable space in my house is still very little ( one day, I hope, I can work out the big empty space into additional rooms) I had to stock a lot of stuff in the attic.
I found the above photo in one of the boxes. It was made around 1984, when we lived in central-Switzerland. It displays a diorama I made, using the tiny 1/72 plastic soldiers by Airfix.

Since I wanted to make WW2 German Cavalry and they had none, I used WW2 german Infantry, cut off their legs and glued the bodies on the riding legs of napoleonic soldiers. It was not esay because the soft plastic used by airfix is both not very suited for gluing nor for painting. But with an endless patience and strong will, I achieved to create one or two little dioramas.

Later, I discovered 1/32 model kits by Tamyia, which also had a german mounted Infantry, and 1/32 kits by Esci which even had horse-drawn wagons of the Geramn army. I did a lot of modelling by then.

When we moved in here, I quickly knew that my modeller time would be over. First, because of the lack of space and second, because of the lack of time.

Still, it's good memories.

lundi, août 17, 2009

Odd Roadkill

While sadly, killed mammals are not uncommon on country roads, a flattened snake is. At least in my area.
This poor serpent tried to cross the street that cuts the forest. Some car was faster.

Wish people would be more careful. But there's a high chance that the driver didn't even see the snake.

I discovered it on this mornings cycling tour.

dimanche, août 16, 2009

Influenza Now and then

Do you know the Swine Influenza?

Of course you do. It is a pandemic, so wherever you live, you probably heard of it, because there are cases next to your door, too.
I admit that I am getting a bit tired from all those daily panic-news. Be it on Yahoo, TV, the newspaper or wherever. There are even posters at our post-office, advising people to wash their hands. Recently, a TV-Commercial promoting some cleaning product stated that it would help prevent Swine Flu. Countless ads want you to buy their "100% natural and effective" product against Swine Flu. "Protect yourself from Swine Flu N5N1" says a french google ad. Well, it's H1N1 by the way...

I hate how the hype begins to take effect even on me. When I was in Basel and someone in the Tramway or in a store coughed, I immediately thought « Shit, hope he/she doesn't infect me with swine flu ».

At the filling station, the employee seemed to know what I was thinking and apologized his coughing with « I swallowed something wrong, I am not ill !», needless to say that I was embarrassed. This goes way too far.
Especially when we consider that at this state, the Swine Flu seems to be particularly mild. There are death casualties, but in no way as high as there use to be in “normal” flu-season every fall and winter. Think of.
Around 4000 people die every year from normal flu in France – nobody gives a fart about that. ONE person died so far from Swine Flu in France and the whole country is in panic.

I really don't want to downplay the threat. I know that Influenza is a serious illness. I survived two in my life and it wasn't fun.

Maybe the fear of Swine Flu, which, by the way, is a misleading name, since it isn't exactly the the classic porcine Influenza, but a new strain of H1N1, comes from the fact that a H1N1 Virus variant was also the cause of the 1918 pandemic, called “spanish Flu”.

The spanish Flu was always a particular historical interest of mine, since my family is somewhat tied to it in an odd way: My grandfather who was 18 by then, was the only survivor of his whole school-class. “I never could go to class reunions” he said “because all my class mates died from spanish influenza." He watched several of them die. “One climbed in the tramway and seemed to be perfectly ok, when he suddenly felt dizzy. Then he had his nose bleeding. When leaving the tram, he fell out on the street and was dead”.

My grandfather had been a frail, skinny young man with a weak health. To him, it was very odd that all his friends who were so much stronger and healthier than he died of the Flu, all while he survived.

Normally, Flu is supposed to kill first the weak, the little children and the elderly. Spanish Influenza preferred to take away young healthy people from 20 – 40. My grandfather never could explain the phenomenon. Nowadays, it seems that the mystery is solved. It looks like the Virus caused a cytokine Storm in the body (overreaction of the immune sytem) and people – especially those who died quickly and violently with bleeding out from mouth, ears and eyes - perished from the cytokine storm. Young, healthy persons had stronger immune system, this is why they were more likely to develop a cytokine storm, while weaker persons like my grandfather had less risk to see their immune system go crazy.

Strange how, for a change, it was an advantage to be weak.

The 1918 pandemic was pretty much forgotten during a long time. The public awarness of that tragedy - that most likely killed more people in one year than the whole WW1 did - seems to re-arise today. Probably because of the danger of a new pandemic. Well, the new pandemic is here, no doubt, but let us keep this in mind: the actual swine Flu isn't nearly as deadly and nasty as was the 1918 H1N1 which is still the most vicious Influenza virus ever known in modern times. No match for the today's Swine A/H1N1. But of course, One never knows if this little bastard mutates and then...

By the way: There is apparently still an open question on where the 1918 H1N1 came: While Wikipedia English says that it has been a porcine Virus, the German Wikipedia claims that research suggests that it evolved directly from an avarian Strain. Well, who knows...

vendredi, août 14, 2009

Home Canning

When you have a big garden and a little freezer, then you have a problem.
So do I.

The garden year was very prosperous but - where the hell should I store all the vegetables? The Freezer is plenty up to the last inch. So I decided to finally go into what my Grandma did from time to time but what I failed to learn from her: Bottling.
Fortunately, in the days of the Internet, the information on how to about almost anything can be easily accessed. So I bought me the special glasses and went on Work. As a result, some conserves failed, but others seem to have been successful:

All what I can say is, this quickly becomes addictive. My only desire is to buy another load of bottles and then try out another bunch of recipes. I think that this is a great way to preserve food, all while saving energy. Unlike the freezer, Bottles need no power. It's funny how in the age of computer and cell phone we inevitably go back to old traditions, sometimes.

Still I have to learn a lot about the art of bottling and probably will have plenty of failed pots in my way. Who cares. I am determined to become Lorraines best Bottler ;-)
The thought of going into winter with plenty of bottles filled with this years crop all while other people have to buy the expensive vegetables in the store is so tempting.

I did not draw a lot today, I had too much other things to do. Therefore, Flecki used my pen bag as a pillow... Behind him is the actual July Calendar Picture I am working on.

Gribi had a good day. Lots of sleep and purring, more appetite than yesterday and a sunny window to lay at.

jeudi, août 13, 2009

Quiet Afternoon

Gribi had a pretty calm and quiet day. He laid on the top of the Sofa on which I work and so he was directly behind my head, purring for hours. I took the photo above of the scenery. Only issue is, he didn't eat much, but for this, I have the high-energy tube-food I can force-feed him with. I hope he regains appetite in the following days, tough.

I went to the Vet this morning and bought the new medics reserve for Gribi. It has to last for the rest of the month.

It is difficult to work and being creative in such painful times, but I tried to distract myself a bit by going ahead with my projects. I redid or corrected a lot of frames on the current Bête des Vosges Scene I am working on, mostly because there were transition flaws in JFK's Head to his body.
In the frames where his body is steady and just the head is talking, I draw the head positions and place them on the same body. This not only saves me some working, but it also makes look a figure more calm. The problem is, it can be too calm and then it is too obvious, that only the head was animated. So in the transition area of head and shoulders, I add aditional lines to the body in order to make the body-Lines look "moving" as if it was redrawn as well. Pretty tricky, because when it is too much, it doesn't look good, either.

At Thyla, I began scene 81, Joséphine talking back.

I also worked on a picture of the next JFK Calendar, month of July. The Picture beyond is month of June, by the way.

The Morning after

As mentioned in the last post, I went to the Vet with Gribi. Not our regular one, but an emergency service, since the regular cabinet was closed. She said that Gribis bladder was full and that his kidney problems may have lead to a blocking there. She gave him two injections, one of them to make him urinate, the other to calm pain, relax him and antibiotics to prevent infection.
He was very calm in the evenening then. The night, I hoped he would finally go pee, but he didn't. This morning tough, he did.
So at least, I can hope that its not kidney stones again. Gribi had a lot of kidney stones in the past, mostly when he was around 10 or 11. Since then none, so I almost forgot that he has these issues.

Today I have to call our Vet and and keep her updated. I have to fetch new medics anyway. We will see if she wants me to bring Gribi along or if she can give some aditional medics based on the report of the emergency service alone.

All those Vet Visits and the Medics costs us a fortune. But for a compagnon of 16 years you do that.

mercredi, août 12, 2009


Today was not a good day for Gribi. He has good and bad days and this one was one of the lesser good ones. He is restless and meows all the time, he threw up is food and cannot get relaxed.

There are chances that this is just one of his "constipation days". I give him a parafine-medic and usually, after a good night's sleep, he is well again next morning. Maybe - and I hope so - it will go just that way again. But I have to prepare myself that this can also be the beginning of the end. He is now 16 years old and has a lot of health problems. Without his daily load of medics he would not survive.
It is really horrible to see my wonderful Gribi getting worse and the thought of loosing him is almost unbearble.

Gribi wa born when we lived on our farm in Germany. I saw him being born; Of the 4 kittens he was the last to come of and this is why we called him "Benjamin" - the "youngest" one. Benjamin then was named Benjamin Gribaldi out of a funny mood. And later, just Gribi - a shortening of Gribaldi.
He moved with us to France, First to the Vald d'Ajol and then to Harsault where we live now.
He was always there. I can't think of him not being around me. Gribi has always been very calm and affectionate. He was never the kind of cat that curiosity would kill, because he wasn't curious. He likes it when things go smooth and calm and when allis at its place.
While I am writing this, he is still whining.

So I now, I called the vet. I can go and bring him in 20 Minutes and then she will look at Gribi. so I will continue this post in a while

mardi, août 11, 2009

Maintenance part 2

Finally I got trough that Blog Skin mess. It was really hard. First, because the link "ad a widget" is simply not there in my elements editing page. So I had to work on the source code. Really funny when you have no clue of XML and CSS.

Worst was when I got error messages like "div needs a proprer ending tag" - all when that tag was already THERE.

But finally I managed to make a halfway decent looking new skin. The old one really was too messy. Only thing that remains unsolved, is that thin white horizontal space bar under the remember 9-11 ribbon. Hell knows how to get rid of that, maybe someone has an idea. *Looks to Mauser*Girl*... :-)

lundi, août 10, 2009


As you can see, I am currently working to make a better skin for this blog. For this, I try to customise a free template. It is not easy, since I don't have any idea how to...

* Change the horrible font in the upper menu. Making that Menu work at all...
*Add all the old stuff like "friends", Old posts and so on in the right column, with the images so far...

Really no idea how to to this right now... :-(

dimanche, août 09, 2009

Dogs and so on.

This post was inspired by this one. I totally agree with it and just wanted to add some of my thoughts.

There are a lot of dogs in my village. For the majority of them, I frankly think that they are just there because their owner actually want to say "we have a dog". And nothing else.

It begins with the neighbours down the street. For years, they had a huge black lab called Brutus. Brutus was tied down his whole life to a 3 Meter Rope, in the middle of an incredible mess of old, rusty jerry cans, worn out tyres and pretty much any garbage you can imagine.
Nobody ever went taking a walk with him. Brutus had the merit that he didn't bark for no reason. He did, when someone passed by on the street, which is okay, and he did when there was noise in his owners house. Unfortunately, there was a lot of noise there and so you could hear the barking for hours - without anybody of those lowlifes getting their ass outside, trying to calm the dog.
Brutus died some time last year. Probably for the best for the poor brute who would have made a real good dog for a good owner. These Neighbour's noisy sons moved out this year, making our street a lot calmer now.

But there was new trouble to come.

My garden is located on a land patch that lays along a small road. On the other side of the road there once was a huge pasture where I used to keep my horses. One day, the owner sold that pasture to a group of people (3 families) who used it as construction land. Since then, my garden is not really outside the village again, but in front of a row of 3 houses.

Each house was made with wooden pre-built pieces, sort of a "put-it-together-yourself-in-3-easy-steps"-House. The men of those families are very simlilar to eachother (probaly brothers).
The kind of low educated Yobbo who think that success in life is to aqcuire as quickly as possible, a car, a house, a wife, some kids and a dog.

So in addition to a bunch of clankers parked around the houses, there are dogs. A lot of them. 2 in the first house, 1 in the middle and 3 in the last.

The first house is worst. One of the dog is a little white mutt that looks like a rat which accidentally was irradiated or the result of a weird, genetic experimentation. The other one is a huge black sort of Pitbull. The little rat is kept in a Pen outside and barks - mostly all day long. The Pitbull is kept inside the house and litteraly NEVER let out. You can hear it growl and bark inside the house and then the little boy screaming.
3 days ago, I went in my garden and saw the Pitbull at an open window, staring and growling at me, ready to jump out and attack. I fetched the Hoe so I could defend myself, in case that this Psycho really would try to tear me in peaces.

Thing is, that for the "Housemaster", everything of his status-symbols are too much for him:

*The house is not yet finished, probably because he is out of money (no wonder he has no job) and so the wooden walls beginn to rott away, poorly protected with ugly plastic blankets tied around. Maybe it would have been a good idea to finish the house before buying all kind of other status symbols like the stone-fireplace, the swimming pool and the expensive playground for the kid...all of these items being never used anyaway.
*The cars actually ARE rattlecans, despite of the fancy flame stickers he put on it in order to make them look like sports cars.
*The wife is constantly complaining and whining or yelling at the Kid and the dogs. When she drives, she smoke, with the Kid on the passenger seat - without any security belt of course. Next time she'll have to make an emergency stop the boy will fly trough the front window. If he doesn't get not suffocated by the cigarette smoke before.
*The dogs, as I said, seem to be there just because when you have a house, a wife a car and a kid, there must be a dog, too.
Sometimes, when the little white rat barks for a too long time in its endless, stupid, repetive way, Mister I-have-made-it gets angry and yells at the mutt, without of course, that this would make it shut up in any way.

I know all this things are not my buisness so far, but what is, is the annoyance trough that endless barking I have to endure so often when I go to my Garden and of course, the potential danger from that huge beast that gets more and more agressive, the longer it is locked inside the house. Really, the day when this monster manages to escape will probably be a bloody day.

First time ever in my life I wish I had a gun.

Owning a dog is responsibilty. Toward the dog and toward the others. So few people actually seem to be aware of that. Sometimes I believe it is really too easy to get a dog. There should be some kind of a test, like for gun owners.

vendredi, août 07, 2009

JFK erotics - easliy offended don't read!

Some days ago, a reader told me that when she browsed the old entries of this blog, she found a post supposing to show a calendar drawing featuring JFK bathing in the nude. She was disappointed because the Link of the pic did not work.

Indeed, a lot of the older pictures in this blog were hosted on a domain I don't have anymore, so this is why the old posts mostly have broken images.

Now to satisfy the bad Girls curiosity, I promised not only to upload the pic in question, but to show some other JFK "natural" drawings I made since. If ou are offended by full frontal male nudity, please skip this post. All the others: enjoy!

Above is the famous calendar Pic.

He is a bit too skinny on this drawing, but I like it anyhow.

This one is my preferred so far, maybe because of its decency.

This one is more obvious. It was done for no special project.

One that doesn't show him on beach or in water for change. It's difficult to draw nudes in a halfway plausible situation and not showing them bathing. So this drawing surely has something surreal.

Maybe next friday I'll digg out more of these.

mardi, août 04, 2009

Yes, I lost 50 Kilos.

Usually, this is not a subject I like to talk about: Weight.
If you saw me for the last time prior to May 2008, you probably have me in mind like this:

No need for any euphemism like "big shaped" or "gravity challenged". I was freaking fat.

Well, I was, because I started a Diet in May 2008 and now, a bit more than a year later, I lost 50 Kilos.
I now look like that:

I am still not thin, but somehow presentable. I want to loose another 25 Kilos and then, I guess my shape will be socially acceptable and people will no longer bother me with that nasty subject.

Of course, A weight loss this important affected my life a lot. For one, you can't do that in secret. Sooner or later, people start asking you how you managed it and you get plenty of compliments.

Everyone in the village talks to me me about getting thinner and making so much exercise. I admit that I like being admired for a change, but it also comes as an obligation not to fail, to loose even more weight and hopefully, not to regain it. Everyone is watching me and talking to me now. Before, I was like air.
For me personally, the greatest change is the increased fitness. I used to have serious problems climbing stairs. Now I do it for fun. I no longer depend on Lifts. That's pretty cool. And I like to move, to be outdoor, doing all kind of things I did when I was young and thin.

I also like it being able to buy all the good looking clothing that they made only up to size 46 and not larger. For the big-size stuff is all boring and dark colored. The shirt I wear on the second photo fits me only since a couple of months. I love the color - its kind of a color you never find in XXL and above.

I know, I look spooked and painful on that picture, It really wasn't the way I felt. Guess I have to learn how to properly pose for photos. I avoided almost any photographing for more than two decades. The first photo as a fat lady was done absolutley against my will and I hated it.

lundi, août 03, 2009

Beauty and the Beast

Finished another Scene of the Bête the Vosges Film. It was not a scene that followed an already finished one, but one that appears later in the movie. I am actually working in a way that I can put together a teaser movie soon.

He isn't a beauty!

On the contrary to him:

This is from another scene I still work on, the regular this time, in the right order of Scenes. Painting the background and the background elements is most time consuming, almost more than drawing the animations.
For JFK's fine details, the 60 gramm paper I use to work with was not transparent enough, too much line errors that cause irregular animations, therefore I am using the expensive tracing paper paper for him.

Anyway, if they continue to raise the price for the 60 gramm paper (actually 30 Swiss Francs for a 500 Sheet block!) I will have to use tracing paper for all animations, because it will not cost me much more then. I really don't know why thin paper, that is probably for no other use than tracing in a merley painful way, is THIS expensive. In the other hand, this may be the reason, because things that are useful to only a handfull of buyers can't be mass produced and therefore, are expensive.
It goes the same way with all art tools, such as ecoline colors, bruhes, heavy painting papers, inks and so on. And since we are in the Computer age and old-fashioned artists like me who prefer real paper to photoshop have become scarce, it's even getting worse. I am truly worried that one day, they will not produce the tools I need anymore, because there are not enough potential buyers