jeudi, août 27, 2009

Beautiful colours

Since my Bicycle has a permanent flat tyre - which requires me to see a mechanic 30 Kilometers away from my village, I was out on foot today, in order to keep up with my exercising.

I noticed that the first coloured leaves are on the ground. Here and there yellow and red spots paint the forests. Sure, Autumn isn't far away now.
Fall IS my very favourite season, despite of the fact that the departing of summer has something melancholic.

Also worked on the movies, today. Scene 18: first one that me made draw JFK in a close-up, so that I had to show his eye colour. Do you know what his actual eye colour was? A lot of people think it was blue, including myself for a long time. After all, some testimonies from people who saw him alive said so. Well, no, according to his WW2 military ID-card, they were green. Some paintings also show them green.
Green eyes of course do match his ocean and water bond. Green like seaweed. That has something special.
I carefully choose the green to use for his eyes and added it to my Corel 11 -palette as "JFK-Eyes".

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