lundi, août 03, 2009

Beauty and the Beast

Finished another Scene of the Bête the Vosges Film. It was not a scene that followed an already finished one, but one that appears later in the movie. I am actually working in a way that I can put together a teaser movie soon.

He isn't a beauty!

On the contrary to him:

This is from another scene I still work on, the regular this time, in the right order of Scenes. Painting the background and the background elements is most time consuming, almost more than drawing the animations.
For JFK's fine details, the 60 gramm paper I use to work with was not transparent enough, too much line errors that cause irregular animations, therefore I am using the expensive tracing paper paper for him.

Anyway, if they continue to raise the price for the 60 gramm paper (actually 30 Swiss Francs for a 500 Sheet block!) I will have to use tracing paper for all animations, because it will not cost me much more then. I really don't know why thin paper, that is probably for no other use than tracing in a merley painful way, is THIS expensive. In the other hand, this may be the reason, because things that are useful to only a handfull of buyers can't be mass produced and therefore, are expensive.
It goes the same way with all art tools, such as ecoline colors, bruhes, heavy painting papers, inks and so on. And since we are in the Computer age and old-fashioned artists like me who prefer real paper to photoshop have become scarce, it's even getting worse. I am truly worried that one day, they will not produce the tools I need anymore, because there are not enough potential buyers

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