vendredi, août 28, 2009

Calendar Picture August

Today, I finished the art for month of August in the 2010 JFK-Calendar. This one took me quite a while. I managed to follow my plan, doing each month the image of the corresponding month in the calendar. This way, I was best inspired. If I want to put together the calendar in late October, I will have to speed up things, tough. I already made month of December in January. Now I will do September, October and November as quick as possible - during September.

Biggest issue is always to have the right idea. Even tough my favourite months will be on shedule, I have an Idea only for September. For October, I feel like drawing a ride in the golden Forests, but I guess that's the same thing as always. I maybe should try to vary. On the other hand, that actually IS what I like to do. We will see...

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