dimanche, août 09, 2009

Dogs and so on.

This post was inspired by this one. I totally agree with it and just wanted to add some of my thoughts.

There are a lot of dogs in my village. For the majority of them, I frankly think that they are just there because their owner actually want to say "we have a dog". And nothing else.

It begins with the neighbours down the street. For years, they had a huge black lab called Brutus. Brutus was tied down his whole life to a 3 Meter Rope, in the middle of an incredible mess of old, rusty jerry cans, worn out tyres and pretty much any garbage you can imagine.
Nobody ever went taking a walk with him. Brutus had the merit that he didn't bark for no reason. He did, when someone passed by on the street, which is okay, and he did when there was noise in his owners house. Unfortunately, there was a lot of noise there and so you could hear the barking for hours - without anybody of those lowlifes getting their ass outside, trying to calm the dog.
Brutus died some time last year. Probably for the best for the poor brute who would have made a real good dog for a good owner. These Neighbour's noisy sons moved out this year, making our street a lot calmer now.

But there was new trouble to come.

My garden is located on a land patch that lays along a small road. On the other side of the road there once was a huge pasture where I used to keep my horses. One day, the owner sold that pasture to a group of people (3 families) who used it as construction land. Since then, my garden is not really outside the village again, but in front of a row of 3 houses.

Each house was made with wooden pre-built pieces, sort of a "put-it-together-yourself-in-3-easy-steps"-House. The men of those families are very simlilar to eachother (probaly brothers).
The kind of low educated Yobbo who think that success in life is to aqcuire as quickly as possible, a car, a house, a wife, some kids and a dog.

So in addition to a bunch of clankers parked around the houses, there are dogs. A lot of them. 2 in the first house, 1 in the middle and 3 in the last.

The first house is worst. One of the dog is a little white mutt that looks like a rat which accidentally was irradiated or the result of a weird, genetic experimentation. The other one is a huge black sort of Pitbull. The little rat is kept in a Pen outside and barks - mostly all day long. The Pitbull is kept inside the house and litteraly NEVER let out. You can hear it growl and bark inside the house and then the little boy screaming.
3 days ago, I went in my garden and saw the Pitbull at an open window, staring and growling at me, ready to jump out and attack. I fetched the Hoe so I could defend myself, in case that this Psycho really would try to tear me in peaces.

Thing is, that for the "Housemaster", everything of his status-symbols are too much for him:

*The house is not yet finished, probably because he is out of money (no wonder he has no job) and so the wooden walls beginn to rott away, poorly protected with ugly plastic blankets tied around. Maybe it would have been a good idea to finish the house before buying all kind of other status symbols like the stone-fireplace, the swimming pool and the expensive playground for the kid...all of these items being never used anyaway.
*The cars actually ARE rattlecans, despite of the fancy flame stickers he put on it in order to make them look like sports cars.
*The wife is constantly complaining and whining or yelling at the Kid and the dogs. When she drives, she smoke, with the Kid on the passenger seat - without any security belt of course. Next time she'll have to make an emergency stop the boy will fly trough the front window. If he doesn't get not suffocated by the cigarette smoke before.
*The dogs, as I said, seem to be there just because when you have a house, a wife a car and a kid, there must be a dog, too.
Sometimes, when the little white rat barks for a too long time in its endless, stupid, repetive way, Mister I-have-made-it gets angry and yells at the mutt, without of course, that this would make it shut up in any way.

I know all this things are not my buisness so far, but what is, is the annoyance trough that endless barking I have to endure so often when I go to my Garden and of course, the potential danger from that huge beast that gets more and more agressive, the longer it is locked inside the house. Really, the day when this monster manages to escape will probably be a bloody day.

First time ever in my life I wish I had a gun.

Owning a dog is responsibilty. Toward the dog and toward the others. So few people actually seem to be aware of that. Sometimes I believe it is really too easy to get a dog. There should be some kind of a test, like for gun owners.

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Mauser*Girl a dit…

There SHOULD be a test.

People should have to take a simple written test before they are allowed to own a dog, before they are allowed to breed their dog, and before they are allowed to have children.

If they pass the test, they should be issued a license that includes all applicable restrictions, just like a driver's license does. ;)

On a side note, we are not required to pass any tests to buy or own a firearm here, only to join some shooting clubs / ranges and to get a concealed carry permit. Although New York requires you to apply for a license to own a pistol. (Rifles & shotguns are fine.)