lundi, août 31, 2009

Facebook, Myspace, Xing and so on...

Today, I went on my Facebook-account where I haven't been since a couple of months. It was as boring and stiff as I remembered it. Just as for my other social-network accounts I never visit, let alone update, be it Myspace, Xing and whatever their weird names are - I was very much compelled by others into signin up the Facebook-account once.
No doubt that these Sites apparently do work for a lot of people. That's fine for them. It doesn't work for me. I perceive its interface as complicated, very inflexible and pretty much as not customisable. The ad-tower at right which is definitely not clearly enough separated from the "true" content, is proof that even more than on other communities, Facebook-users are merely willing sandwich-men for ads and still more ads. Stupid ads, Such a the "loose 45 pounds in ten seconds"  or  "find out who were your ancestors - you are probably an offspring of Grijgori Rasputin"  Shit.

Okay, I shouldn't have signed up, in the first place, you might say. And you are right. My fault. I see it as a result of my efforts to try out nearly everything on the net. I think that the classic Blogs are still the best way for the virtual bridge between your own life and thougts and those of others. It is a community of individuals with VERY individual realms, as are their blogs. It's what I am looking for.

Anyway, The next days work will be leaving these communities or at least, leave a clear message there, stating where I can be found and that I will show up only on exceptions.

Reminds me of that very cool stamp on Deviantart:

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Mauser*Girl a dit…

I never understood why everyone is so wild about Facebook and Myspace.

I've always found the format of both sites to be restrictive. They do a little bit of everything - posting images, blogging, leaving comments, interacting with others, etc. - but don't do anything well. Your options for customizing are very limited, and the advertising everywhere just gets old ... well, it would get old if I would see any of it. (I use Firefox with the AdBlock ad-on and therefore see NO ads on the Internet at all...)

A ton of people I know are bugging me to join Facebook, including some of the folks I work with at the museum, and it's just so stupid. I don't *want* to join Facebook.

Diana Kennedy a dit…

I can very much imagine who people constantly want you to join Facebook. It was the way they got me in. Resist!