dimanche, août 23, 2009

Fruit War

French Vegetable and fruit Farmers protested against the low prices they get from the distribution chains, by blocking the access of several Super-Markets. The "protesting method" consisted of dropping tons of peaches and other fruits on the parking yard.

Well, the conflict is not new. All while consumers pay a lot of money for fruit and vegetables in the Supermarkets, the farmers see very little of it. So obviously, the big retailers keep most of the profit. I don't want to go into the depth of the debate, if either the Supermarkets are too greedy or, as some say, they can barely cover their expenses, such as logistics, selling space, employees and so on.

I am all for a fair price for the farmers, but what disturbs me, is the way of the protest.
I mean: dropping tons of fresh fruit on the ground? WTF?!!

Their spokesman said "we hope, consumers get on our side. We are fighting for a more ethic commerce".
Okay, speaking of ethics, why don't start with a good example and just stop wasting food?
We consumers are supposed to look at your products as something of value. How can we, when you treat it like crap ? Why should we pay high prices - and probably even higher ones, in order to get you a better income, when what we have to pay for is something you can throw away by means of tons, if you feel like it?

Of course, this would not have been possible, if we hadn't had this real gorgeous year that brought us a head-high crop of all sorts. Your barns are full up to the roof, that's why you can missuse it as ammunition. Still, its Food-wasting.

There are a lot of people in France who are very poor and even myself have to consider carefully wether or not I can buy me these or these fruits. And you throw them on a dirty parking - Well, fuck off!

As a Pagan, I don't have a notion of sin, like the Christians have, but when there is one thing where, in my eyes, the concept of "sin" do apply, then it is the wasting of food and other natural ressources.

There would have been so much other possibilities to protest and raise awarness.
Donate the fruits to the Restaurant du coeur at a "national action day", for example. The Restaurants du coeur were originally created by the French Comedian Coluche and it consists of a chain of restaurants which serve free food the the most poor ones.
For this, they collect food. Giving the fruits to them would have arised much more sympathy for the cause than just making a mess on the Supermarkt Parking.

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Harry Seenthings a dit…

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Mauser*Girl a dit…

Wow. That is STUPID.

andrew a dit…

Wastage is a big nono in these ays of tough survival.A very good discussion to set our minds thinking...thanks for the update.

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