mercredi, août 12, 2009


Today was not a good day for Gribi. He has good and bad days and this one was one of the lesser good ones. He is restless and meows all the time, he threw up is food and cannot get relaxed.

There are chances that this is just one of his "constipation days". I give him a parafine-medic and usually, after a good night's sleep, he is well again next morning. Maybe - and I hope so - it will go just that way again. But I have to prepare myself that this can also be the beginning of the end. He is now 16 years old and has a lot of health problems. Without his daily load of medics he would not survive.
It is really horrible to see my wonderful Gribi getting worse and the thought of loosing him is almost unbearble.

Gribi wa born when we lived on our farm in Germany. I saw him being born; Of the 4 kittens he was the last to come of and this is why we called him "Benjamin" - the "youngest" one. Benjamin then was named Benjamin Gribaldi out of a funny mood. And later, just Gribi - a shortening of Gribaldi.
He moved with us to France, First to the Vald d'Ajol and then to Harsault where we live now.
He was always there. I can't think of him not being around me. Gribi has always been very calm and affectionate. He was never the kind of cat that curiosity would kill, because he wasn't curious. He likes it when things go smooth and calm and when allis at its place.
While I am writing this, he is still whining.

So I now, I called the vet. I can go and bring him in 20 Minutes and then she will look at Gribi. so I will continue this post in a while

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