vendredi, août 14, 2009

Home Canning

When you have a big garden and a little freezer, then you have a problem.
So do I.

The garden year was very prosperous but - where the hell should I store all the vegetables? The Freezer is plenty up to the last inch. So I decided to finally go into what my Grandma did from time to time but what I failed to learn from her: Bottling.
Fortunately, in the days of the Internet, the information on how to about almost anything can be easily accessed. So I bought me the special glasses and went on Work. As a result, some conserves failed, but others seem to have been successful:

All what I can say is, this quickly becomes addictive. My only desire is to buy another load of bottles and then try out another bunch of recipes. I think that this is a great way to preserve food, all while saving energy. Unlike the freezer, Bottles need no power. It's funny how in the age of computer and cell phone we inevitably go back to old traditions, sometimes.

Still I have to learn a lot about the art of bottling and probably will have plenty of failed pots in my way. Who cares. I am determined to become Lorraines best Bottler ;-)
The thought of going into winter with plenty of bottles filled with this years crop all while other people have to buy the expensive vegetables in the store is so tempting.

I did not draw a lot today, I had too much other things to do. Therefore, Flecki used my pen bag as a pillow... Behind him is the actual July Calendar Picture I am working on.

Gribi had a good day. Lots of sleep and purring, more appetite than yesterday and a sunny window to lay at.

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Mauser*Girl a dit…

Ah, canned goods! :)

The only thing I've ever canned has been jelly, which I can make using my bread maker (it has a jelly-making function). Sometimes this turns out real, well, other times, not so much.

We do buy a lot of canned goods since we have many Amish roadside stands in our area. They make great rhubarb jelly. They also do wonderful pickles!