vendredi, août 07, 2009

JFK erotics - easliy offended don't read!

Some days ago, a reader told me that when she browsed the old entries of this blog, she found a post supposing to show a calendar drawing featuring JFK bathing in the nude. She was disappointed because the Link of the pic did not work.

Indeed, a lot of the older pictures in this blog were hosted on a domain I don't have anymore, so this is why the old posts mostly have broken images.

Now to satisfy the bad Girls curiosity, I promised not only to upload the pic in question, but to show some other JFK "natural" drawings I made since. If ou are offended by full frontal male nudity, please skip this post. All the others: enjoy!

Above is the famous calendar Pic.

He is a bit too skinny on this drawing, but I like it anyhow.

This one is my preferred so far, maybe because of its decency.

This one is more obvious. It was done for no special project.

One that doesn't show him on beach or in water for change. It's difficult to draw nudes in a halfway plausible situation and not showing them bathing. So this drawing surely has something surreal.

Maybe next friday I'll digg out more of these.

2 commentaires:

voidovermind a dit…

Hey! This is Nicole from MySpace; so glad to see that you posted these today! I especially like the one where he's asleep in the jungle; there's something so sweet about it :)

Diana Kennedy a dit…

you very much, Nicole!