dimanche, août 30, 2009

Lizards vs Cohen

Discovered a new song of the Austin Lounge Lizards: Well, at least, it was new to me: Leonard Cohen's Day Job. Leonard Cohen surely was the least artist I could think of being at risk to become the "victim" of a satirical song. Maybe that's because he is my very favourite Songwriter/Singer. I guess for some others he is just too "artsy" and too bound to surrealism.

I like the Lizards too, mostly for their biting political satire or when they make fun of Idiots, so it was a bit of an odd experience to listen to that song. Tune and Text are quite cool, making it a real good satire and I think it's okay, even for a big fan as me.

Gribi is still well. I took this photo yesterday, when Georgie was cleaning him.

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