mardi, août 11, 2009

Maintenance part 2

Finally I got trough that Blog Skin mess. It was really hard. First, because the link "ad a widget" is simply not there in my elements editing page. So I had to work on the source code. Really funny when you have no clue of XML and CSS.

Worst was when I got error messages like "div needs a proprer ending tag" - all when that tag was already THERE.

But finally I managed to make a halfway decent looking new skin. The old one really was too messy. Only thing that remains unsolved, is that thin white horizontal space bar under the remember 9-11 ribbon. Hell knows how to get rid of that, maybe someone has an idea. *Looks to Mauser*Girl*... :-)

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Mauser*Girl a dit…

It's really hard for me to see what is going on with the corner banner from looking at the source code of your site, since that displays differently from how the actual html appears when you edit the template in Blogger.

I am thinking that you have the line underneath it because the image itself is a link, and your links are underlined.

Try adding the following below the settings for #cornerbanner in your css - text-decoration: none; (Make sure it's above the } that closes the corner banner's settings.)

Let me know if that works.


The site doesn't seem to be displaying correctly for me in Firefox. I get a white background and the menu at the top (home, more about Diana, etc.) seems to not be centered on its background box as it should be.


I don't know what's going on with the whole widget thing, but if you don't have the option to "add a gadget" in your Layout's page elements, there may be something in the template that has eaten it.