jeudi, août 20, 2009


When you are cleaning the house - I mean also those parts and corners that haven't been bothered for a long time ago, chances are that you'll find a lot of things that triggers old and forgotten memories. I am currently reorganising the garret. Since the liveable space in my house is still very little ( one day, I hope, I can work out the big empty space into additional rooms) I had to stock a lot of stuff in the attic.
I found the above photo in one of the boxes. It was made around 1984, when we lived in central-Switzerland. It displays a diorama I made, using the tiny 1/72 plastic soldiers by Airfix.

Since I wanted to make WW2 German Cavalry and they had none, I used WW2 german Infantry, cut off their legs and glued the bodies on the riding legs of napoleonic soldiers. It was not esay because the soft plastic used by airfix is both not very suited for gluing nor for painting. But with an endless patience and strong will, I achieved to create one or two little dioramas.

Later, I discovered 1/32 model kits by Tamyia, which also had a german mounted Infantry, and 1/32 kits by Esci which even had horse-drawn wagons of the Geramn army. I did a lot of modelling by then.

When we moved in here, I quickly knew that my modeller time would be over. First, because of the lack of space and second, because of the lack of time.

Still, it's good memories.

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caroona a dit…

That is exactly the kind of thing I would never do, because of my extreme lack of patience. I guess I would have smashed the diorama after a couple of hours of fiddling with the tiny legs. So well done you, for being such a calm person :o)

This reminds me of all the places in our house that desperately need to be decluttered. And me with my holidays nearly over...

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Caroona, Decluttering should be done when one really feels like doing it. Otherwise, there is usually more mess afterwards than before. :-)