jeudi, août 13, 2009

The Morning after

As mentioned in the last post, I went to the Vet with Gribi. Not our regular one, but an emergency service, since the regular cabinet was closed. She said that Gribis bladder was full and that his kidney problems may have lead to a blocking there. She gave him two injections, one of them to make him urinate, the other to calm pain, relax him and antibiotics to prevent infection.
He was very calm in the evenening then. The night, I hoped he would finally go pee, but he didn't. This morning tough, he did.
So at least, I can hope that its not kidney stones again. Gribi had a lot of kidney stones in the past, mostly when he was around 10 or 11. Since then none, so I almost forgot that he has these issues.

Today I have to call our Vet and and keep her updated. I have to fetch new medics anyway. We will see if she wants me to bring Gribi along or if she can give some aditional medics based on the report of the emergency service alone.

All those Vet Visits and the Medics costs us a fortune. But for a compagnon of 16 years you do that.

2 commentaires:

voidovermind a dit…

I hope he gets better soon! It sounds like your vet knows what she's doing, though.

Diana Kennedy a dit…

Thank you Voidovermind. Yes, the Veterinarians around here are pretty skilled. They often saved the life of an animal that would have given up by others.