lundi, août 17, 2009

Odd Roadkill

While sadly, killed mammals are not uncommon on country roads, a flattened snake is. At least in my area.
This poor serpent tried to cross the street that cuts the forest. Some car was faster.

Wish people would be more careful. But there's a high chance that the driver didn't even see the snake.

I discovered it on this mornings cycling tour.

2 commentaires:

Mauser*Girl a dit…

It's also possible that the driver thought it was simply a stick or some other kind of debris in the road... it's hard to tell with a snake when you approach it with a car.

Unfortunately, you can't always be careful enough to avoid wildlife. My dear husband ran over a chipmunk the other day - the chipmunk ran STRAIGHT under his car! (Suicide, I tell you!)

Diana Kennedy a dit…


Yes, I know Wildlife accidents can't always been avoided. When an animal jumps in too close, it would be dangerous to try any manoevre. I had a young roe-deer jumping in my car 2 meters before me, some years ago.