jeudi, août 13, 2009

Quiet Afternoon

Gribi had a pretty calm and quiet day. He laid on the top of the Sofa on which I work and so he was directly behind my head, purring for hours. I took the photo above of the scenery. Only issue is, he didn't eat much, but for this, I have the high-energy tube-food I can force-feed him with. I hope he regains appetite in the following days, tough.

I went to the Vet this morning and bought the new medics reserve for Gribi. It has to last for the rest of the month.

It is difficult to work and being creative in such painful times, but I tried to distract myself a bit by going ahead with my projects. I redid or corrected a lot of frames on the current Bête des Vosges Scene I am working on, mostly because there were transition flaws in JFK's Head to his body.
In the frames where his body is steady and just the head is talking, I draw the head positions and place them on the same body. This not only saves me some working, but it also makes look a figure more calm. The problem is, it can be too calm and then it is too obvious, that only the head was animated. So in the transition area of head and shoulders, I add aditional lines to the body in order to make the body-Lines look "moving" as if it was redrawn as well. Pretty tricky, because when it is too much, it doesn't look good, either.

At Thyla, I began scene 81, Joséphine talking back.

I also worked on a picture of the next JFK Calendar, month of July. The Picture beyond is month of June, by the way.

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