mardi, août 25, 2009

Risky Lifestyle

Since I have to take a lot of medics, I must go to see the doctor every 3 months in order to have my prescriptions renewed. Of course, also to check out my health.

Today was such a day. The doctor was pleased to see that I lost even more weight since my last visit. Blood Pressure check showed a much lower pressure and so he decided to decrease my Anti-pressure medication.

I started with Aprovel 300g when I was diagnosed high-pressure, 6 years from now. Pressure was very high then and had caused me a minor stroke, so that I had to learn a lot of speaking again.
During my weight loss, the pressure constantly fell and last time, the doc decided to lower me on Aprovel150, which I was very pleased about.

Today, he got me down on Aprovel75!!

"There are good chances that we can even stop the Aprovel totally, in a few months or at most, in a year," he said.
Well, these are very good news. Back then, when I had to start the medication, I was told that it will be probably for lifetime. Now there's serious hope I can get rid of those medics one day.
I am not the only one who is supposed to be happy about not getting stuck with Aprovel the rest of my life, my health insurance surely is, too. Aprovel is a freaking expensive box of pills. It costs over 30 Euros for a month's package.

This makes it at least understandable, why some people demand that over-weighted folks have to pay more for their health-insurance, just as smokers have to, because of their increased risk to make the community pay for diseases that could have been avoided.

Problem with that is, when you start to sort out diseases by their level of self-induction, you go into a bottomless swamp. A lot of health problems actually result entirely or at least partially of the patient's way of life, conduct or habits.
Every winter, a bunch of idiots leave the marked Ski-Roads, because they think that they are smarter and better skiers than the rest, and then get caught under avalanches (which they do even trigger, in most of the cases) or fall down some abysses.
The Rescue - men, dogs, helicopters - all what you need to digg these idiots out of the mountains, have to be paid by the community most of the time. The repair of their countless broken bones is in any case to be paid by health insurance. But I hear very little people asking that Skiers should pay more.

Actually, some health insurances ask folks who do "risky sports" such as Paragliding, Bungee-Jumping and other crazy stuff to pay more.

In my opinion, it doesn't take so much as jumping down from buildings with a bed blanket as parachute in order to get health problems you would not have, if you were just a bit more careful with your way of living.

Obesity can have complex causes what makes it even more difficult to be put it in the same basket as smoking. Nobody has to smoke to stay alive, but everybody has to eat. The question on how many and what is, up to a certain point, highly individual and still not entirely understood by science.

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andrew a dit…

Going for regular medical check ups is very good.Sometimes it even happens that a disease caught very early is cured very easily.
Shared Decision Making!

caroona a dit…

The trouble is that most conditions do not have a simple cause and effect pattern. Some smokers live extremely long lives and some non-smokers die young.

Anyway, glad to hear you could reduce your medication dosage. It is quite annoying to be dependent on stuff like that. If I did not take thyroxin every morning I would go back to depression directly.