mardi, août 04, 2009

Yes, I lost 50 Kilos.

Usually, this is not a subject I like to talk about: Weight.
If you saw me for the last time prior to May 2008, you probably have me in mind like this:

No need for any euphemism like "big shaped" or "gravity challenged". I was freaking fat.

Well, I was, because I started a Diet in May 2008 and now, a bit more than a year later, I lost 50 Kilos.
I now look like that:

I am still not thin, but somehow presentable. I want to loose another 25 Kilos and then, I guess my shape will be socially acceptable and people will no longer bother me with that nasty subject.

Of course, A weight loss this important affected my life a lot. For one, you can't do that in secret. Sooner or later, people start asking you how you managed it and you get plenty of compliments.

Everyone in the village talks to me me about getting thinner and making so much exercise. I admit that I like being admired for a change, but it also comes as an obligation not to fail, to loose even more weight and hopefully, not to regain it. Everyone is watching me and talking to me now. Before, I was like air.
For me personally, the greatest change is the increased fitness. I used to have serious problems climbing stairs. Now I do it for fun. I no longer depend on Lifts. That's pretty cool. And I like to move, to be outdoor, doing all kind of things I did when I was young and thin.

I also like it being able to buy all the good looking clothing that they made only up to size 46 and not larger. For the big-size stuff is all boring and dark colored. The shirt I wear on the second photo fits me only since a couple of months. I love the color - its kind of a color you never find in XXL and above.

I know, I look spooked and painful on that picture, It really wasn't the way I felt. Guess I have to learn how to properly pose for photos. I avoided almost any photographing for more than two decades. The first photo as a fat lady was done absolutley against my will and I hated it.

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