mercredi, septembre 02, 2009

The creation of an animated scene Part 01

Today, I finished scene 18 of la bête des Vosges. I take the beginning of the work on scene 19 as an opportunity to share the whole worklflow with my readers.  You may (hopefully) find it interesting, entertaining or even helpful.
First, I have to say that there are dozens of ways to make animated movies and mine is just one among the others. I myself change between the methods, depending on what exactly I have to do. So this little excursion can't be but an insight in a working situation that may never be repeated exactly like this.

Scene 19 will  follow scene 18, which is this one:

For some reason, youtube did cut off the very last take when the beast jumps toward the viewer. So you'll have to imagine this one.

The very first step is to sketch the upcoming scene. What will we see? What will the main animations be? Which role will the background play? Will there be any interaction between background-elements and the actors?

I try to visualise the footage in my mind and then make a short rough:
I admit, this is very rough. I usually do it even less detailed than that, because I am the only one meant to read it.  Okay, let's exlain what all these lines and strikes mean. We will see the forest with lots of trees and stones on the ground, also with the thick stem of a dead tree i the middle. In the foreground we will have a hill, what is more exactly the edge of the hole, JFK actually is in.
Jack will flee trough this forest, persecuted by the beast. His run will have 4 main stages:
1. Running from the background, out of the woods, toward the viewer.
2. jumping above the stem on the ground.
3. Climbing the "hill"
4. kicking back the beast with his boot when the latter comes too near and is at the point to bite him.
The beasdt will have to go trough these 4 stages, too of course.
Now that the whole footage has been sketched, we can pass into the actual working process. It will described in Part 02.

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