jeudi, septembre 03, 2009

The creation of an animated scene Part 02

Part 2 of the little step-by-step insight into the workflow of an animated movie scene.

In part 01 we sketched up the whole footage. Now, the drawing job begins. But before, I had to decide wether I will work by creating finished frames - a sequence of bitmap image files ready to import into an animating programm (Flash) which will output an AVI-Movie or if I'll create the scene in Anime Studio, a programm that makes the said AVI-movie by compiling several different elements. These elemnts can be bitmaps, vectors end even other movie-Clips. A clean, high-resolution AVI will be needed in any case for further processing.

Since there will be a lot of different happenings in Scene 19, with lots of details involved, details that will have to be animated, I chose the latter: Creating multiple objects and build the whole scene in Anime Studio.

Start of the drawing process is with the the background. This is important, because I'll have to know trough what kind of space exactly the actors will have to run. To create a depth-field in the movie, I split the whole background into different elements:
This is the element on the front: The hill, where JFK will climb up and where he'll kicks down the beast. This element will have to be the most detailed and worked out.

 This is the middle element: Its center is the dead treev over which JFK and the beast will jump.

This is the rear background, from where both protagonists will emerge. The rear background will be merely blurry and not overly detailed. This - in addition the Anime Studois depth-feature will create the illusion of Depth. As you can see, I started the painting work with this element, while the others are still at pencil-stage. First, I sketched the trees with a light brown pencil, then I overpainted he whole space with grey-brown inks. Afterwards, I will work out the elements a bit more in detail. You'll se the final result in the next Part.

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