dimanche, septembre 06, 2009

The creation of an animated scene Part 03

Part 3 of our little insight-tour in creating a scene of la bête des Vosges.
I have finished all the background elements so far. The rear background is a whole painting done with inks. Nothing more to do than scanning it and adding a little shading here and there in Corel Photopaint,
The middle part - like all the other upcoming elements by the way - is a bit more tricky. It has to be transparent in order to let the rear part shine trough. Now as much as I like Corel Photopaint, it has its very limits when it comes to create PNG files with clean transparency. So I prefer to work out all PNG elements in Adobe Photoshop.
First, I cut away the white space with the magic eraser. Then I add a blue layer beyond my pic, to make white leftover pixels appear, now I clean the borders with the normal eraser-tool. This can be time consuming, depending on what kind of pixel-mess the scan yielded. This, in the other hand, is mostly determined by the drawing paper. Lots of grain = big pixel mess. Smooth surface=  less cleaning work.
Now that all elements are cleaned, they are ready to be assembled in Anime Studio. Anime Studio has the big advantage that it allows me to rearrange any element at any time, if, for example, it happens that a bush would do better a little more on the left side. All while I can watch the movie at any stage. This isn't possible when creating a sequence of finished files in Photoshop or Photopaint.
I arranged the elements in 3D space, as you can see in this view:
In addition to the impression of depth, I can move the camera and the objects will pass by in a somehow realistic way. I.e: Branches in the foreground will move more quickly than the background. This is what will happen in this scene, too. After Jack's and the Beast's jump over the dead tree, the camera will follow both by moving to the right and the watcher will see the parts of the picture that were hidden until then. Gives a nice impression of really being “into the decor”.
Next time, we will start the actual character animation.

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