mercredi, septembre 23, 2009

The creation of an animated scene Part 06

We arrive at part 6 of our little journey trough the making of Scene 19.
JFK and the beast have jumped over the tree, normally,  and according to the initial rough, there would be the fourth part of the animation cycle to be done now: JFK climbing on the hill, kicking down the beast that follows him. Well, normally...
Here we come to a phenomenon which probably don't occur in professional cartoon-film studios, but is very well known in my little one-woman cinema-empire:

Look at the frame showing the end of the tree-jump sequence:

JFK is almost behind the hill . He did go too far.  No way to make him run uphill in a plausible manner from this position. Meh! So here we are again, at an unpredicted stage of the work, a stage that needs improvisation. I both love and hate these situations.
Here is how I solved the problem:

JFK makes a sudden, sharp turn to the left, too fast for the dumb beast that continues to run forward, behind the hill.


Nevertheless, the beast reacts shortly after, reappears from behind the hill and makes a big leap toward the left, too. JFK dives down flat, the beast overflies him and crashes into a bush.

JFK gets up, the beast tries to catch him again, biting into the air. Now JFK is in the right position to run on that hill!!
This whole new sequence surely added some extra-action into the fleeing scene. Therefore, I am grateful that I was forced to do it. As much as a proper planning is important, there should always be a little bit of spontaneous creativity involved, too.

Next time we will finish the whole scene.

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