vendredi, septembre 18, 2009

Evil Cat

If you want to know how a real bad cat looks, well, the above photo shows one.

Soon after he came in our home, almost a year ago, Pico was very interested in my JFK doll. First, he was very kind to him, touching Jacks head softly with his paws, as if he wanted to caress his hair. He often slept with his tiny kitten-head in the lap of the doll. It was so cute. Later, Pico lost his initial respect and began to tear off  JFK's Socks and ran away with them. This was annoying, because it's difficult to find so little socks again, once they have been displaced.

Yesterday, I caught Pico trying to bite JFK's hand. I took the doll away and hoped that the cat would forget about his attempt. Unfortunately, he didn't.
This morning, I discovered the right hand of JFK chewed at a point that one Finger was missing and the other badly damaged.

This was kind of a shock for me. I have that doll since a few years now and it became a very intimate medium between JFK and me.  I really don't know why Pico did this. Was he jealous? Or did he just want to play with Jack? After all, Pico often bites my hand too, when I play with him. So who knows...

Of course, I did not punish Pico in any way. It was my fault, I shouldn't have left the doll alone with the cat. After all, I knew, how much Pico was focussed on it.
The question raised, whether or not I should buy me a new doll. The hand is really ugly.  On the other side, this doll is so much filled with the magic of our time together. The spirit behind it may use a new doll as its recipient as well, but *sigh* I dunno.
I think I just keep the old one and take care to avoid any further Cat damage.

The doll in the Apple tree of the garden, at this year's Beltane.

3 commentaires:

Mauser*Girl a dit…

I don't think you need to buy a new doll, just a replacement hand. Those can be bought - have you tried eBay?

A lot of action figures / dolls are fairly standard, so it shouldn't be too hard to find a replacement hand.

Diana Kennedy a dit…

Good idea. I also thought going to a doll clinic, there's one in Basel. There, they can replace the hand in a professional way.

Geier a dit…

Wie das Mauser-Mädel sagt, bei ebay gibts ganze Bausätze für 12inch Figuren, dann hättest du nen Vorrat an Ersatzteilen.
Das mit der Katze könnte ich mir auch gut als Traumsequenz bei JFK vorstellen...