dimanche, septembre 27, 2009

German Elections

Not to jump on the "all unemployed people are just too lazy to work" bandwagon. I sincerly don't think that way. But I also really wish I knew why it is apparently impossible to find a person who is willing to do some roof-repairing job for us. There are plenty of jobless young men in this area. The work to do isn't that difficult: Just replacing some roof-tiles. And of course, I'd pay for it. But according to the countless reactions, no one "has the time yet".

Well, the Employment question didn't seem to play the biggest role in the German Electorial campain which finished yesterday and will have its first result today afternoon. The main promise of a lot of the parties was just "more money". There was an almost all-around agreement that taxes should be lowered, just for who, that's where the opinions divided. And of course, nobody really has an idea from where the money for such gifts shall come from.

We'll see. My bet is: sort of a stalemate between the two big parties, SPD (social democrats)  and CDU (christian union, which means conservative)  and a solid growth for the little parties such as FDP (liberal) and the Green party. The result of the "Left Party" is what is the most interesting, in my eyes. This party emerged from the former SED (the communist single party of the German democratic republic) and is thoroughly hated for that.
They say that there are still a lot of the former SED-Leaders in that party. Hell, probably, yes. As much as there were ancient Nazi-party leaders in the CDU of the fifties and sixties, a fact that nobody seemed to be bothered by, neither now nor then.
Most growth is predicted to he FDP (liberals). To my American readers: Don't mistake the term "liberal"  with what might be understood in your country under it. It's absolutley not the same. The German FDP is liberal in the way that they have modern concepts for the society most of the time (such as gay-rights and so on). But their main focus is on Economic, which should be, as "free as possible" in their eyes, meaning close to no protection for employees and maximal free hand for corporations and people with high income. Their premise is, that it is not necessary for the state to take care of the poor, because when you feed the rich enough, they will leave some leftovers from their feasts to the poor, out of the Goodness of their heart. Another description of the FDP-agenda that I recently heard on the rdaio is: "They want to feed the race-horses a max of oaths and grain, then they will run good and the sparrows will found some grain to pick out of the horse-muck." That says it pretty good and points out the nature of that agenda: Big shit.

Pretty much just THAT ideology that led us into the financial crisis, by the way. To me, It's a big mystery why people do all go for the FDP right now. 
However. I didn't vote. I was too lazy to contact the German Embassy to get what ever I need to cast my Vote as Exiled German. And then, none of the parties or candidates really convinced me. I know that staying away from the urnes isn't a solution. I 'm always preaching to go voting. This time, I just didn't practice what I preach.

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Sefarina a dit…

Leider ist die asoziale FDP nicht nur gewachsen sondern jetzt auch noch Regierungs/Koalitionspartei.
Armes Deutschland!

Eine Freundin von mir wollte auch FDP wählen "weil die gut sind". Wie sich herausstellte hatte sie nicht die geringste Ahnung wofür die FDP steht. Dasselbe hab ich mit CDU-Wählern erlebt.
Es macht mich unendlich wütend, dass Leute wählen dürfen, die nicht mal wissen wem sie ihre Stimme da eigentlich geben.

Geier a dit…

Ich war (zum ersten Mal) auch nicht wählen. Es gibt keine Partei hinter der ich stehen könnte und von dieser Pseudo-Demokratie habe ich die Nase gestrichen voll. Alle paar Jahre darf man ein Kreuzchen machen und hat dann, wie unter dem Kaiser, jede Kröte zu schlucken die einem vorgesetzt wird.