mercredi, septembre 16, 2009

Good drawing day

Today  I spent a lot time drawing. Weather outside was too bad to do much outside work. It did me good being able to go ahead with all my projects. completed a lot of new frames for the actual Film-Scene. A quiet afternoon with JFK under my pencil and a slice of fresh apple-pie on the table - just what I need to have a fine day.

I also finished the October picture for the 2010 JFK calendar. Only month left now, is November. I hope I can achieve it in the next two weeks. After this, the calendar can be compiled. Another project done! Whew!

2 commentaires:

Donald a dit…

I like your drawings and your Animations are very weird (I like that, too^^)

Petitalan a dit…

Ah ! Diana, quel charme simple dans ton coup de patte. J'adore.
Bien à toi.

Ca y est, ton blog est ce jour lisible. Hier, brumes sur la Tamise ?