lundi, septembre 14, 2009

Happiness is...Big Bucks!

Today is my birthday so I decided to make myself a real comfy day, with just a good hike in the morning, instead of sweating in the garden. On the road trough the fields and woods of the high-plateau, I saw a Roe-deer buck picking out some plants and herbs at the road-side. I assumed that he'll flee as son as I would come any closer, but he didn't seem to get aware of my presence. Once I approached him on less than 30 Meters, I decided to take out my camera, video modus on. Then, of course, he saw me:

Nevertheless, that's quite a Snapshot! I take it as a good sign for my birthday to have met one of my totem-animals this close and even captured it on video! maybe a promising sign for my film-projects.

As a gift, I received my self designed Sigg-Bottle from Café-press. It sure is a huge difference to actually see such an item in real, instead on just  the screen. I drink 3 litres of water a day and the old, clumsy PET-Mineral-waterbottle that I refilled twice a day was anything but practical. Now I can hydrate myself with some style.

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