mardi, septembre 29, 2009

I want to become a fameous film-maker!

Hell, maybe Thyla or La Bête des Vosges will make me all famous. Up to the point that I can commit every crime and if police catches me, all the celebrities in Art and Politic will be upset and ask that I'd be released.

At least, it works for Roman Polanski. The - very talented -  director who fled his responsibility 30 years ago after dragging a 13 year old Teen into Sex, was arrested by Swiss authorities recently,  because there was an international arresting order still in effect. A lot of people got upset. Especially in France. After the celebs in art and cinema, its now even the politics that join the bandwagon.
Lots of bad words are sent to Switzerland and some comments ask if it happened that China would establish an international arresting order against the Dalai Lama, Switzerland would also arrest him.

Interesting. I didn't know that Paedophilia is a form of political protest. 

I may point out that the "average man" on the street doesn't share this attitude. Even in France, most of us think that anyone should be treated alike when it comes to justice, be he a celebrity or just a poor unknown dude. Also some other Film-people think that way, Luc Besson for example.

I admit that it is a bit strange that this arresting took 30 years to be done. But  nevertheless, for me, this whole hype over Polanskis arrestation is a hypocritical shit born within a snobbish Elite to whom it's "just not this bad" to have sex with a minor. And after all "it happened so long ago, so why the fuzz".  and of course "Polanski is such a talented Cineast."


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Petitalan a dit…

Talentueux ou pas, il reste qu'il s'est occupé (!) d'une fillette de 13 ans. Et 30 ans après ça mérite toujours un sacré coup de pied au cul et que justice passe. Na. Sinon plus.
Bien à toi chère Diana.

Diana Kennedy a dit…

En effet Alain. J'aime beaucoup ses films, mais il n'y a aucune raison pour la quelle il soit traîté autrement par la justice que tout
personne lambda!

Sefarina a dit…

13 ist jung, das ist sehr jung! Wie konnte er nur so lange damit davon kommen?
Ich finde es gut, dass die Schweiz hier konsequent ist :-)

Wenn du magst, darfst du dir einen Award bei mir abholen, liebe Diana ;-)

caroona a dit…

Don't get me started on Polanski. Types like him and Woody Allen make me want to throw up. For hours.