mercredi, septembre 30, 2009


Sefarina sent me this beautiful Award.  Of course, keeping it is tied to some conditions ;-) In fact, it's  a regular tagging-game, but well, I'm doing it gladly. Since the original Rules-text was in German I translate it. If in any case you prefer to read the original, go here.

Da Rulez:

1. Thank the person who gave you this award.
Thank you so very much, Sefarina.
2. Copy the logo and upload it to your blog.
3. Link to the person who gave it to you.
4. Reveal seven facts about you that are unkown to others yet
Okay, although I cannot guarantee that really nobody heard of those things  yet.
5. Choose seven other creative bloggers
Will try.
6. Link to these Bloggers.
Will do.
7. Tell those seven Bloggers about it in a comment.
Will do.

Okay, just in case any of you nominees don't want to get involved, there won't be the slightest hard feelings. It's just a game. If you are not into these sort of things, absolutley NO problem!

The things you (probably) didn't know about me, yet:

1. I hate Bars and Discos. Real bad.
2. Sometimes, when working in the garden, I pee in the bushes, because I'm too lazy to run home for the WC.
3. My first Pet was a Budgerigar I named "Picknagel" (picking nail)
4. Picknagel was the first creature ever I saw dead.
5. I have a serious problem with Spit. It's okay as long as it's in the mouth, but when it comes out, I wanna throw up. Ever since I was a little girl, I refused to drink from any bottle or glass another drank before. Even if it were my mom or another parent. I really hate spit. I would even be repulsed by JFK's one.
6. The animal I dislike the most is a slug.
7. My preferred country as a little child was India.

I nominate:

  1. Caroona 
  2. Mrs. Chnübli of Switzerland 
  3. Donald the Punk-Designer 
  4. PetitAlain 
  5. Flashfrog, the She-Frogg from the little Inn 
  6. Die Spinnerin 
  7. Donna Barr 
I wanted to nominate Geier too, but I was not sure if he is into this sort of games. But he surely IS a creative Blogger. Consider yourself awarded as a special Gift, without rules. 

4 commentaires:

Donald a dit…

Hi Diana, ich danke dir 1000 mal für den Award, leider kann ich dabei nicht mitmachen, da ich keine 7 Blogs kenn :(

Ich fühl mich trotzdem geehrt und werde im Gegenzug mal nen kleinen Artikel über deine Zeichentrickfilme schreiben, die ich wirklich spitze finde. Wird auch mal Zeit, dass ich darüber schreib^^

Liebe Grüße

Donald the Punk-Designer (Hui, welch schöner Name, selbst den halte ich in Ehren!!!)

Diana Kennedy a dit…

Wie erwähnt ist das sowas von kein Problem wenn jemand nicht nicht mitmacht. Danke wegen der Trickfilm-Erw^pahnung...wenn Du mal Zeit und Musse hast, natürlich freue ich mich darüber.

Donna Barr a dit…

Weiss nicht, ob ich zeit haben werde: -- aber ich fuehl mich massiv geehrt! Vielen Dank!

Donald a dit…

Heute hatte ich etwas Zeit und Muse dafür ;) Kannst dir mal den Beitrag ansehen, den ich über JFK schrieb: