vendredi, septembre 04, 2009

TV Sucks!

My labour's day usually end at 20:00, when the main news are displayed on TV. After the news, there's some series to watch, one at 12:15 and the second at 21:15.
This series being mostly  CSI New York, Miami, Las Vegas  - or where the fuck else they locate the newest clone. Mostly an episode I saw at least three times before. When its not CSI, its Law and order or Missing. Series all trough the week!
I used to like these series. But now, there are way too much repetitions and way too much clones.

Sometimes, I look if there is a good movie instead. The kind you could see in past. There isn't.

The movies they display on the rare channels that don't show CSI or Law and Order are usually some "comical" crap. Gods thank, the sitcom-wave is over, but the movie-lenght family-humor trash isn't any better. On sunday, they occasionally display some action movie. All the same rubbish as usuall. Meaningless violence that is so boring you could sleep while standing on your feet.

*Sigh* I try hard to make this post not sound like a horrible "TV  was so much better when I was young" Thing, but it actually is. Problem is, it is the way I DO feel. Maybe I just should stop wachting TV at all. Doing some reading instead. Problem is, after a hard day, I am just too exhaust.

Fortunately, I did not yet sink this far down that you would see me watch those awful reality shows. I saw maybe one or two in my life and got the rest out of the "teasers" they feature in the commercial-block. Apparently, there are really people out there who like to see some fat losers insulting themselves over the garden-fence until a "wonder" attorney, paid by the TV Channel, tries to sort out their mess. Or you can watch a "Super nanny" in her attempt to tame some little monsters from a chain-smoking yobbo-family, living between stinky garbage and empty bottles. You can also accompany a Bailiff  tearing out some poor devil hidden in his apartment to take away the very rest he owns and cut off the apartment's power, because he's drown in unpaid bills. You can also see some idiots trade their wives and then watch how the wives bitch about everything in their " new home".
And so on. List is endless.
Not to forget these "casting shows" where spectators take delight in the sadistic way some "experts" (mostly elderly ex-stars who have their best days beyond them) critizing young star-wannabees in the must hurtful and cruel way they can.
My only hope is that some day, more people will get that quantum of overdose that makes them shut off  TV.  We had had that overdose in the middle eighties, when all the "cultural" and "meaningful" shit became just too overwhelming and people longed for normal entertainment, without having to decipher some black and white scenes, randomly glued together without any plot.
Today, its the reverse situation, we drown in so-called entertainment, and I am almost at the point where I would gladly trade an entire CSI-Season for one episode of Berlin Alexanderplatz by R. W Fassbinder. I mean, just for a change!

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Beer Drinker a dit…

TV does suck, and I'm tired of old favorites Law and Order and even House, too. But if you get baseball or American Football, which is about to start, do so. I love the Iron Chef show along with Comedy Central shows, ESPN, not sure what TV you get. The US Open is on NOW, check it out before you go to bed.

Mauser*Girl a dit…

As the saying goes, "300 Channels and there is STILL NOTHING ON!"

We have Satellite TV out here and currently get 500+ channels, out of which about 300 actually contain something other than sports and advertising. We'll be losing about 30 of them in another month since they're part of the "free three months of movie channels" that came with our contract.

We are fortunate in that we have AMC (American Movie Classics) and TCM (Turner Classic Movies) as two of our channels, as they show a lot of the old movies. If you want a 1930's film or a 1960's TV show, you'll find them.

We also get both the Independent Film Channel and the Sundance Channel, which often have some good films on, especially foreign films, that are worth watching. :)

Beyond that, a lot of what's on TV is crap. The only show I really follow is Project Runway because I enjoy watching people create clothing from absolutely nothing. It's an amazing skill to have. A skill I don't quite have yet, but I'm learning! :)

I also watch America's Next Top Model sometimes, but mostly to see the finished photos each episode. It's interesting to see the shots after what they had to go through to get them. I don't really care about the bitchy models or the stupid judges in the scenes between taking photos and seeing them.

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@Mauser*Girl: 300 channels! That's quite a bunch. We do not have nearly as much, even with pay-TV counted. "AMC" or the "independent Film Channel" probably would do the job for me.

@Beer Drinker: Baseball or American Football are probably displayed on some obscure Sports Channel I eventually have. As for your questyion what kind of TV I get: I still have the old satelite equipment I moved in here from Germany over 10 years ago, so I get the German satelite Channels. And occasionally the french channels in our home in Basel. But they display the same thing as the German channels. Mostly. And yes, by means of endless repetition, even House gets boring. They really should make a break when one season is over. And just display something different. Would keep things interesting.

Donald a dit…

Oh yes! The TV is crap nowadays. It's so boring on weekend when you stay at home. I can remember the days when I could watch TV on FRIDAY, SATURDAY and SUNDAY because there were good movies...

Hmm... maybe it's good that TV isn't like in the past... I watched too much TV :D