jeudi, septembre 17, 2009

Ugliest website ever.

There is ONE hot topic in France these days. Everybody talks about it. Mainly on the internet, but also offline. No, its not the Financial Crisis, not the increasing unemployment and not even the Swine-Flu pandemic. These things are as out as three day old coffee.

It's the website of Séglène Royal, more precisely: How ugly this site is. Believing this article, French Internet community on twitter and every thinkable blog has no other subject to discuss than how freaking ugly  this site is.

Now Ségolène Royal is a prominent politician,  she was the rival candidate against our actual president. Therefore, a  repulsive Hompage of hers  is quite a scandal. Have your own opinion, here's the site on question:

Okay, for a site which -  according the newspapers - was billed 40'000 Euros by its designer,  it's rather...ugly. And it's down every three hours, probably because someone desperately tries to improve it. Right now, I could not access any of the sub-menus.

I'm all for politicians to have decent websites. So I definitely would recommend to work on this again. Also in order to avoid French Revolution 2.0 because of this shitty, endless hype.

Anyway, good to know  that this nation apparently doesn't have any other problems than an ugly politician-website.

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Mauser*Girl a dit…

That's a lot of money for a site that looks like a tech-savvy 2nd Grader made it!

Bodecea a dit…

Hi Diane,

ich weiß gar nicht, in welcher Sprache ich schreiben soll... deutsch oder englisch? Ok, französisch erledigt sich bei mir von alleine ;-).

Ich wollte nur sagen, dass ich deine Comics wirklich toll-schräg finde!


Alles Liebe

Diana Kennedy a dit…

Hallo Bodeca,

Die Sprache ist ganz Dir überlassen! Vielen Dank für Deinen lieben Kommentar!