mardi, octobre 20, 2009


In Spring, I ordered 10 stères of "affouage". Affouage is fire wood out of the communal forest, sold at a special price to local residents.
It was ready on early september and had just to be delivered. That was where the trouble started. Mayor's office said that they will call the communal worker as he shall bring me the wood. I waited and waited, but he didn't came.
I called the Mayor's office several times and they always said "we informed him". Days and weeks passed. I was really upset, because all the wood still has to be cut. And since september was dry and sunny, it would have been perfect for that job - if only  I had the wood!
At the end of September, I finally met a garden-neighbour who actually knew who the worker in question was and promised to get in touch with him. Next day, said worker was at my door. He said, the mayor's office didn't contact him...
Well, at least he was here now. He delivered the wood. 10 stères of finest European Beech logs!
Still, it has to be sawed before I could cut it. This had to be done by yet another worker. I called him and he said he would come in the next days. He didn't. To make a long story short, we waited 2 other weeks, until he finally came and sawed that wood.

In the meantime, weather got worse and I am now under the pressure to cut that whole pile between rain-showers and in bitter cold. Shit! and during all those past weeks weather would have be perfect! This makes me mad!!

So now I am cutting the wood with my axe, day after day.

The sawed pile, waiting to be cut.

My working place

The finished wood, ready for the oven.

At least all that work does the job for exercising. I'm burning a hell of a load of calories these days! :-)

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Sefarina a dit…

Beim Holzhacken kann man auch toll Agressionen loswerden ;-)
Vielleicht war die Trödelei ja ein geplanter Ansporn *g*
Viel Spaß beim "Scheida kliam"...

Lieben Gruß,

Diana Kennedy a dit…

Das mit dem Agressionsabbau stimmt wirklich. Ich bin danach innerlich immer viel ruhiger und ausgeglichener. Auf jeden Fall eine Arbeit, die irgendwie seelisch gut tut.