vendredi, octobre 02, 2009

A difficult day

With Gribi. After some time of pretty good stability, Gribi woke up very  bad this morning and threw up. He meowed all the time and so I decided to take him to the veterinarian to see what happens. Gribi really hates to be bagged in the cat-carrier and then travel to the the vet. While driving, he almost became completely nuts.

Thje Vet said he has probably heavily nausea which comes from his kidney problems.She gave him a lot of medics and handed me other pills to give him later.

When we arrived at home, Gribi wouldn't calm down. He yelled endlessly and drove me to tears. He was disoriented and full of fear. As the Vet and I assume, he does have well...a form of age-related dementia. It happens to cats too. And with 16 years -almost 17 he is really old.
Unfortunately, I had to leave him alone the afternoon, because I had to bring the car to the mechanic. What if he continued to yell while I am out? Luckily, after 3 hours of  constant complaining, he got a bit calmer. So I went out of the house.
On that trip, I stopped at the drugstore and asked for Sedatives suited for cats. Because what Gribi really need, is sleep. He is so anxious he can't sleep and the lack of sleep make his mental disorientation even worse and the worse it gets, the less he can relax and sleep.

I came home and discovered Gribi quit calm. He still has a very fearful look and is not well, but he calmed down. I will give him the sedatives as soon as he starts to yell out again. I just opened the sedatives box. Holy Shit! These "pills" are almost an american inch big! WTF? The box says: 1 pill for 15 kilo of weight. Hey! I have a cat not a Saint Bernard Dog! Will have to cut these bombs into little peaces. Gee...

Anyway, the coming days will show where things are going. I know that the dark day is coming closer. And that is real hard.

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Geier a dit…

Erinnert mich an eine meiner Katzen. Mit gut 18 Jahren haben ihre Nieren versagt, sie magerte ab, wurde plötzlich sehr verschmust und verschwand über Nacht. Vermutlich hatte sie sich zum sterben irgendwo versteckt. Traurig, aber sie wurde auch wirklich alt + wenigstens nicht von einem Auto überfahren.

Diana Kennedy a dit…

18 Jahre ist natürlich ein stolzes Alter. Gegen das Abmagern muss ich auch kämpfen. Gribi bekommt täglich eine hoch-Energie Paste, ohne die wäre er nur noch Haut und Knochen.

Bodecea a dit…

Oh je, so was ist immer so schwer, die armen Viecherle tun einem so Leid, wenn sie leiden :-(.

Wünsch euch alles Gute.


caroona a dit…

Ach verdammt, Diana... Ich denke an Euch beide.

Liebe Grüße,