lundi, octobre 05, 2009


The last part of the year is approaching. Time for me to finish next-year related projects, such as the calendar.
Also is there a personal "Dreambook" in where I can write down, day after day, my dreams and whatever  I feel is important to me or fits it. A very intimate and personal book. 2009 Book had a JFK-Collage title and 2010 will be just the same. I finished the collage in question:

The Dreambook 2009 was the first project of this kind and became a powerful asset all trough the year. Its really interesting to read about dreams I had months ago, to see how some themes were repeated and what happened when in the year. Since I also wrote down the progress in weight loss, its encouraging to see where I started and where I am now. I also kept track of  the progress in art-projects and here its good to see what was achieved. Although that there is the bitter recognition that I worked a lot and yielded - nothing, so far.

In order to have the 2010 issue ready to be started on January 1. I must finish it within  the next weeks.

2 commentaires:

Donald a dit…

Nice title! Ein ganz schön mystischer JFK :D

Bodecea a dit…

Ich schreibe Träume immer mal wieder phasenweise auf (in anderen Phasen denke ich wieder - ich müsste das aufschreiben... bin aber zu faul oder nach dem Aufwachen noch zu müde). Es lohnt sich wirklich, ich träume sooo viel, aber ohne Notizen ist es meist nach ein paar Stunden weg.