mercredi, octobre 14, 2009

Good Guidance

Yesterday, I went on a meetng with a Counselor of Alexis, which is an institution for helping and assist in the creation of new businesses and the support of young entrepreneurs. This was arranged as a part of the help programm for people with little revenue, I'm in. The counselor was very nice and the meeting somehow gave me new hope and motivation.

When I arrived in Epinal, the Capital of our département where Alexis is located, I first lost the way a bit.
I don't like driving to Epinal anyway, because I don't know the city very well and there are lots of one-way streets and dead-ends. I knew that my destination was located near to the hospital, where both I and my mom already were incarcered two times. So I decided to drive to the hospital first, park there and then search the address on foot.
The Hospital is on a hill and can't be missed. But when I was there, I somehow didn't spot it. Strange. So I just followed my instinct, a thing I always do when I'm lost.
This method drove me into a quiet street where I could leave the car. The street was named...Avenue John F. Kennedy. 
Well, whereever I was, It was probably not wrong! "This quarter is made for me" I thought. I walked down the JFK avenue and found my destination on the next street's turn!
Thanks darling for guiding me!

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