samedi, octobre 31, 2009


Samhain, the most important holiday in many pagan traditions will begin at sundown. I carved my pumkins and made a lot of soup out of their flesh. This is always a somewhat special ceremony. After all, I raised those pumkins since the middle of april, watched them grow accross our house-side, harvested them when they were ready  - all for the purpose  of this special day.

I have to say that we split the festival in two: October 31 is more the  "Halloween" kind of day, with the pumkin carving and the occasional trick-or-treat kids at the door. And tomorrow, November 1, is the regular Samhain day when we will go to our little cemetary to bring offerings and candles. Between is  the special night, a night open for both worlds to meet. A night easy for JFK and me to communicate and trade new inspirations. A night, perchance filled with prophetic dreams and visions.
I will prepare little offerings such as Milk and apples to be put on the stone outside

More Photos and thoughts tomorrow.

A blessed Samhain to all of you!

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