lundi, octobre 26, 2009

Weird Food - Part three

Another Turn of our little tour into the world of disturbing food.
From my guessing, I would say that most of the products that will at least not match anybodys taste are to be found in the range of  of cold cut products. The Processing of body parts up to level only a forensic expert could find out what it was before, literally invites the industry into processing nearly everything.

Let's begin:

4 Cold Cut specialties
Found at: Auchan, Ecomarché
Type of food: Pure Shit. (sorry!)

Museau de boeuf = Beef Muzzle. And it's just that: The mouth of a beef minced and
scliced and cut and stamped and compressed and then drowned in cheap Vinegar.
With a lot of E-Numbers added, the right dish for lowlifes and alphabets.

Fromage de tête: =Head Cheese. It's Pig head and pig tongue minced and 
scliced and cut and stamped and compressed and then cooked down in some jelly. 
An Alsatian specialty which is also called « Presskopf » sometimes, (« Squeezed, compressed head »)

A french sausage-specialty with the name of « andouille ».
Thing to know is that « Andouille » is a french insult-word meaning « idiot » or
« dumbass ». You sureley have to be an idiot to eat this shit. Ingredients as it reads:
Chaudin et estomac de porc: (large intestine and stomach of pork) gorge de porc
(Pig Throat) boyeau naturel (natural bowels) and of course the Usual E-whatever conservation Crap.
Understand well: Not only the skin is made of Intestine, there's also plenty inside!

Another goodie for cannibals or catholics to whom the oblate-changing-into-Christ's-Flesh thing
doesn't do the job. This Cold Cut is named « Jesus of Lorraine ». 

All these Products have been made out of Pork meat. But there are exceptions:

Miscellaneous Cold Cut and sausages
Found at: Migros
Country: Switzerland
Type of Food: Cold Cut

Recently, I noticed this "No Swine" Logo on several Salami and other Cold Cut products on sale at the Migros market, Switzerland.  This « banned pig » raises some questions.  I mean, it was very clear that these products are not made of Pork, because they were labeled « turkey salami » or «poultry sausage », So wtf? It also wasn't some halal or kosher product. This is usually indicated differently. Where's the deal with that sign on almost every non-pork sausage Product, all of o sudden? Only explanation: The fear of Swine Flu! 
Although it's well known that you can't get infected by eating pork, apparently the Retailer wants to make money with of the dumbest fears.

Speaking of Pigs: In Auchan France, I saw this one:

Look at the red arrow to spot it. In the rear row you can see an entire young pig, its eyes still open, apparently killed by a flame-thrower after it became victim of a weird bondage rite. One thread goes right trough its mouth. Gives the word « hot babe » a new meaning. For Torture-lovers and people who like it, when their meal look at them.

5 commentaires:

Sefarina a dit…

Igitt! Was manche Leute essen will ich nicht mal anfassen müssen...
Das wirklich schaurige daran ist aber, das es scheints genügend Kunden kaufen, sonst wäre es nicht im Regal.

Bodecea a dit…

Bin ich froh, Vegetarier zu sein - die schrecklichsten Igittereien bleiben einem da erspart. Und mit der hiesigen Spezialität - schwabbeligen Kochkäse - kann ich leben ;-).

Diana Kennedy a dit…

Yo, mit Sicherheit sind die ekligsten Igittereien im Fleischbereich zu finden, gar keine Frage. Ich ekle mich aber auch als bekennende Karnivorin vor dem Zeug.

Mauser*Girl a dit…

I hate to say it, but I'll eat pretty much any of these sausage products, although I have to admit I tend to stay away from pork in general (personal preference, not religious).

I look at it the same way as I look at hunting. There's no point in killing it unless you're going to use all the parts that can be used. Tongue, blood, etc. make some of the best sausages. (Blutzungenwurst, for example, which I LOVE LOVE LOVE.)

Diana Kennedy a dit…

@MauserGirl: Using as much as possible of a killed animal is certainly a valid point.