vendredi, octobre 23, 2009

Weird Food - Part two

Here we go with part two of our little look at funny - or let's say at least slightly disturbing -  food.
You can't talk about about french food without talking about snails. Snails and frogs are the typical kind of dishes that French are supposed to see as particular specialty, all while making other people say : "eeew,  yuck!"

48 Escargots
Found at: Auchan
Country: France
Type of Food: Traiteur Products

Said specialty is usually associated with a certain Lifestyle, not to say noblesse. Just like expensive wine. You would assume that acording to that image, the product itself should be presented and packed in the same noble and distiguished way.
Well, not at Auchan. There, you can find packages of 48 snails, stocked next to the Pizzas by the dozen. On the packing, a young woman looks at the potential buyer with a lusty smile, biting her fingers in pure greed and well - the kind of primitive and dumb smile only the cheapest porn-bitches have.  I'm really not a moralist, but my eyes feel dirty after this. The slime of the snails may match the slimy look of the "model" but honestly: I doubt that this will attract anyone other than old farts in need of sex.
To add to the allover cheap and gross imagery of the product, it is written: "belle grosseur" which means something like "Pretty fat morsels".
Oh hell, yes! That's important! Who wants tiny snails? So say it in the direct and unveiled language even the most retarded, illiterate idiot understands: Big, fat snails are in this box!
Interesting and disturbing: Not the usual euphemistic language to describe a potential repulsive product, but on the contrary, adding to the grease with a style as primitive as possible...

Still wonder if the target group they obviously aim at, is into snails.

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Sefarina a dit…

Bäh, Schnecken - das würd ich nie runterbringen. Ob im Großpack oder im goldenen Schälchen, es bleibt eklig.

LG Sefa