dimanche, novembre 29, 2009

No Minarets in Switzerland

The Result of this sundays Referendum in Switzerland could be a surprise and will - if the trend is steady - provide a lot more hot debates on the subject.
Despite what the previous polls suggested, the Proposal for a minaret-ban will be accepted by a majority.

This means that swiss governement is forced to outlaw minarets in Switzerland. This is probably not compatible with the constitution and also not with international treaties Switzerland signed.
Opposants to the Minaret Ban showed themselves disappointed in first reactions. One politician said that the attempt to persuade population hat minarets are nothing to be feared of and won't introduce Sharia in Switzeland, failed.

In my opinion, the problem is much more complex than this. The Classe politique simply failed to take the fears of the population seriously. It's so easy to put people under the "right-wing" label in order to avoid a deeper discussion upon their point. The fears from political Islam are real. They may be unjustified, exagerated, whatever, but still, they are there and real emotions. On a long term, it doesn't help to just repeat political correct statements and ignore people's concerns.
This ignorance was shown at the beginning of the campaign in a drastic way: The Poster (picture above) of the pro-ban side was prohibited in many swiss cities. It was considered as "racist" and therefore banned. The ban was seen by a lot of people as cutting the right of free speech - a thing political Islam would do, and therefore, taking away of the posters probably helped to keep away the minarets.

early sunday morning

I just went up, fired the oven and took Gribi out of his night-room, to give him his morning-medics. He is pretty calm, took his pills and juices and powders without struggeling and is now on the sofa, quiet and relaxing. What will the day bring? Will he be better?

Today, First advent, is for most of you the start in the Yule time, the day to start to decorate the house for the season. As I mentionned in previous posts, I am a bit behind you, because for me, First advent will only start at December 2, day of Rhiannon, the day of "JFK and me" (sort of a spiritual wedding-day). A day that will truly close the Passionszeit,  cleaninng the energies for Advent. I just can't wait for it and reading on all your blogs how you start into advent NOW, with your photos of wonderful deco makes me a bit impatient. But I WILL wait. ;-) - So all your efforts to weaken my will, is in vain ;-))

I just hope Gribi will be well, so that Rhianon day will not be tainted  - or even dropped if it comes real bad.
This sunday is also a special day for the Swiss people who will have to decide in a referendum on two hot topics: For one, a group asked that Minarets - these towers that are part of mosques should be prohibited. Read about it here.
There have been a lot off discussions in the Swiss Blogger Community about that subject.

Second proposal in that Referendum is whether or not Switzerland should stop to sell any kind of weapons to other countries. Well, this would make an end to the old tradition that swiss neutrality was first of all, selling canons to both sides...

The Results will be interesting. For those of you who understand German, here you can get the news updated. For French speakers: http://www.tsr.ch/tsr/index.html?siteSect=500000&program=25#program=25;tab=loadprogram;vid=11550951

I wish you a fine sunday.

samedi, novembre 28, 2009

Gribi again

Gribi is not well. We had to go to the Veterinarian with him yesterday late. Because he was constantly meowing and complaining.
The Diagnosis was again heavy nausea and a further decline of his cognitive capacities, meaning that he meows because of disorientation and fears due to mental disorder. She gave us a medic against the nausea and said we should stop the Furozenol, which is a heart medecine that is not good for kidneys and will cause nausea. Gribis greatest prolem is, that he has two diseases: Heart AND Kidney insufficiency. A medic against one issue unfortunately affects the other in a negative way. Only the Fortekor Medic is designed to help both organs. So Gribi is now only on Fortekor.

His nausea is better, but he starts to breath a bit heavy, which is of course due to his weak heart and the lack of Furozenol. Also is his serious disorientation still there. This may be caused by the lack of sleep he had because he suffered too much from nausea. It also may be an irreversible further decay of brain tissue.

It is heartbreaking to see him awakening every 3 minutes and loudly meow because he is "lost". Its a bit better when I sit next to him. It always was, but since yeserday it doesn't help as it used, he cries if I am there or not.
It is so difficult to let him "alone" (meaning: him on the sofa when I am at the computer 2 meters away) that I can't get any work done.  If he doesn't find back to a better state, I have to take a decision.

Nobody can imagine how horrible and difficult this is for me.

vendredi, novembre 27, 2009

My future new home

As I mentionned recently, The noise problemes are more and more hard to bear for me. Even tough they don't occur all the time of course, when they do, it's hell and I can catch up less and less with the stress caused.
I think that my decreasing tolerance is also partly due to my life circumstances. I don't have an own room. I Iive in the living room which has to be living room, office, working area, sleping room and dining room all in one - for me and my mom. But she, at least, has an own room upstairs where she can sleep and has her own space. I don't have an own space. Ok, the living room is pretty much decorated and organised according to my taste and needs, still, its not the same. There's no place for me to retire myself.
In past time, my living-rhythm  which included a nocturnal life during severald days each month, partially equalized this:  The night was mine. No noise, no calls and no disturbing. These nights provided me the necessary time of retirement and I could sleep the noisy day away.
Early this year, I gave up the nerdy lifestyle, finding a new, stable rhythm. I get up at 8:00 and go to sleep at 22:00 The time between is planned up to the minute. It has a lot of advantages, I am more productive. But I feel how the continuous stress begins to attack my deepest inner nerves, because I now don't have any own space anymore. The only thing left are my cycling tours, then I am free, all for my own. But it isn't enough.

This is why the need of an own room has become real urgent. Our house has more space than we actually can live on. It needs to be fixed. Upstairs, above the room of my mom's room, there is an attic, where I plan to install MY room. (See photos)
It needs a new floor, for the old one is rotten. It needs a window to be cut into the wall. It needs the walls isolated and covered. A lot of work - a lot of money will be needed. Still, I am determined to achieve all this during 2010. I really hope I can.

From now on, I will post about the progress here.

Very first step is cleaning the room. Since 11 years now, some of the furniture, books and a lot more out of my past dwells there, covered with dust and mostly destroyed by mice. Time to get that all out of the house, sorting into what I can keep, what may go on Ebay and what may go to waste. Will continue the wok tomorrow.

jeudi, novembre 26, 2009

Thanksgiving day

Our Thanksgiving Day was very fine. The Turkey really was tasty and huge enough to feed a Wolf pack. I wisely decided not to count the calories today, or it would had ruined the meal. Still prisonner of my anorexoid fears,  I am of course worried that the unusual load of energy will ruin my body and diet, of course, but I enjoyed todays liberty anyway.
The photo to the left shows the bird in question, after being cut...
The Cranberry sauce was...delicious.
Thanksgiving: Definitely an experience to renew next year.

In the morning, I went out on a cycling tour to the Etang des Cailloux. Its all wet and cold there now, But it did me good anyway. I took this photo of the quarry.

back to drawing-work now!

mercredi, novembre 25, 2009

Thanksgiving's Eve

Early this year, my mom expressed the wish that we should celebrate Thanksgiving. Now are we neither Americans, nor do we live in America, but since she was ready to commemorate all the "odd" holidays *I* actually added to our family tradition, it was nothing but fair to follow her ideas as well.

Thanksgiving is three things; Turkey, Pumpkin and cranberry sauce.

The easiest to get was the pumpkin, we already have a big one last from this seasons garden harvest. I like the idea of doing away with it on this occasion, because I don't feel like carrying that monster into the Advent time. Pumpkins are for autumn.
As for the Cranberry sauce, it was harder. Our two Cranberry plants are just planted and certainly will not yield any fruit this year.  Searching for finished Cranberry sauce was difficult. I tried a lot of specialty suppliers, Traiteurs and importeurs of foreign and exotic stuff, but no one had Cranberry sauce. One even said the me "if you want to eat american dishes why don't you just go to the next McDonald?". Okay, so american Cuisine isn't exactly at the fashion here.

I ended up finding what I looked for at Ebay. A glass with Cranberry Sauce finally was shipped to us - from the United Kingdom.

As for the Turkey, we ordered one at our local butchery who promised to have it ready for today. This morning tough, it wasn't. The butcher apologized and promised to bring it to our house this afternoon. He did came and now we have a magnificent 3kilo Turkey ready for the oven. We embalmed it with mustard and put it on the fridge.

We will see, if tomorrow I can put together some good Thanksgiving menue.

mardi, novembre 24, 2009

Days after

Now that November 22 is trough, I am restarting myself a bit. I look forward for December 2, the Celebration of Rhiannon and the time, I traditionally begin with the Advent decoration.

Looks like the storm we had will bring us much colder weather. Winter is coming, no doubt possible!
I did a lot of work, mainly on the films, but also on other projects. The Scene I currently draw on is a bit tricky and takes a lot of concentration.
I am pretty disappointed that Anime Studio's Support hadn't a better answer to my rendering issue than the assumption that my file aws to big for my system and therefore the latter did not render the avi in order to save memory. Well, if that would have been the case, than the same problem wouldn't had occurred on another file as well, much lower in size this time. What does it take to have a software company admit that their product has a bug?
Anyway, I have bypassed the problem in the meantime, but the presence of the bug itself doesn't make me confident for the future.

dimanche, novembre 22, 2009

This is the darkness, this is the flood

November 22

After a couple of sunny days, a rainstorm came over the land last night. It's rainy and windy. The sadness of the lonely sky in grievance ads to the heavy atmosphere of this day, the darkest in the cycle of the year.

JFK's assasination was 1963.
Therefore, he is now dead as many years as he was alive: 46 years.  Approaching this age myself, I get aware on how young this really is. Or, how fast time passes and how short our lives are.

I still remember the day when I was a little child and some guy came at our door to sell JFK memorabilia. My Grandma who usually never bought something at the door, took a memorial coin. all while talking to the seller, she wept. I id not understand a thing and - well -  had kind of hard feelings against JFK, because he made my Grandma cry.
In the eighties, a first wave of critical, yet anti-JFK journalism emerged. As the unhappy, angsty teen I was back then,  I liked to see "myths deconstructed".  However, the whole subject didn't interest me enough to get deeper involved.
In the early nineties, some of the deconstructed myths were deconstructed themselves and the world started to find the balance between canonizing JFK and portraying him as Satan.

I saw my first JFK assasination documentary on TV and felt slightly sorry for him.  In the late nineties, I added some of the subject to my comics. Only a bit. Still, it wasn't real interest.
It was at the End of 2000, when JFK entered into my life with a powerful step, not to say with all presidential authority. I spare you the details, because they are deeply spiritual and personal, but it surley changed my life in a fundamental way and still does. His influence goes far beyond my artistic work. I learned a lot from him.
Getting trough the Passionszeit and living this day under the painful assignment of his death is a price a pay gladly for all the gifts I receive  from him.

There is  a verse of the Cohen Song "Gipsy Wife" in my head;

"Too early for the rainbow,
too early for the dove,
these are the final days,
this is he darkness, this is the flood"

This is the way I feel on November 22.
The grief over John Kennedys assasination is one of the things that don't get better with time passing, but worse. It seems to me that this very particular moment - the final shot in his head -  created a peculiar singularity: The point in time and space when his life was suspended. Like a phonograph needle stuck in a record, different from that only in the way that what's repeated eternally, is silence.
This sudden suspension stays as it is, with all its horror and can't be altered by any means. The more time goes by, the more this aspect seems to enter in the foreground. For one, it's the pain of loosing his trail, as we grow older ourselves, our memory fading away as collective Remembering does.  All this while for JFK, it makes no difference if he is dead since two minutes or a century ago. It stopped to make a difference the  second he lost consciousness, the needle being stuck at this one moment, leaving his last cognitions for ever suspended in time and space.
A least, this is the perception we have, when looking at the singularity from outside.

Only the living of spiritual experiences that are as deep as they are utterly subjective and therefore hard to comminicate, can revise the awe of said singularity. By taking a leap beyond the point where the needle is stuck, we are able to see and hear the grooves that were never played yet. 
This leap is hard to accomplish, therefore I am grateful for every time I could do it, with the help of JFK.

Despite all of its duskiness, the verse out of the Cohen song above promises that "rainbow" and "dove" will come. To me, they will come on December 2, the observance of the celtic Godess Rhiannon, the day when I commemorate my bond with JFK, a day of light, love and joy, the beginning of advent for Yule.

A phrase out from a song of Jacques Brel also seems to fit: The cryptic "Quand les fils de novembre nous reviennent en mai". (When the sons of November will come back to us in May) It is out of "Mon plat pays" where he poetically describes his native land, flemish Belgium. Indeed, also for JFK we commemorate his departing in November and his birth (coming)  in May.

The fact that JFK's Life and its dates seem so much tied to the more universal rhythm of nature and the ever repeating Wheel  of seasons, growing, blooming and dying, ads a lot of Solace to everyone who, like me, is bound to this rhythm.
I don't know if it is true, but I once heard that a people in India restarted its Chronology after the assasination of a beloved leader. An interesting way to alter the singularity of Horror  by means of constructing a continuity after the moment of suspension, involving both, the living and the departed being.
So I am adding to the countless chronologies around the world my personal one.

Have a good start into the year 47!

samedi, novembre 21, 2009

Sixth day in the countdown for November 22

Saturday: Feet of John F. Kennedy.

Last day in our week entirely dedicated to JFK's Body and the thoughts all around the subject.
Again, I will present a photo instead of a drawing, because I am as bad in drawing his feet than I am with his legs. The photo shows JFK in a situation he probably enjoyed the most; all wet from bathing in the sea, his toes in the sand. He was not always this relaxed: His back problems and the fact that one of his legs was 2 centimeters longer than the other made a continous pressure on his feet during the years, slowly deforming them and make it harder to find good shoes. He wore special orthopedic shoes: cardigans, made of solid horse-leather.

As I said, drawing feet is not where I'm at best. Its okay when I can draw them with shoes an, but my naked feet mostly look clumsy and stiff. I should do more practicing.

And here we are at the end of this week. Tomorrow is November 22.

vendredi, novembre 20, 2009

Fifth day in the countdown for November 22.

Friday: Legs of John F. Kennedy.

I really don't know what to tell you about JFK's legs, except : Look at the photo to the right. This is why I don't add a drawing today, because I am simply not able to draw *these* legs in an accurate way. I tried, but failed. Poor talentless me.

It's funny hearing men praising "long legs" on women, because long legs are more typically a male attribute. Men have long legs, not women. As I said - just look at the photo.
My mom don't really like that picture. As a  veteran of the Woman' right Combat, she thinks that the whole pose is pretty macho: Him sitting on a far better chair and Jacqueline sitting behind and beyond him. I usually answer that she has the best place one could have in this universe, because her hand is right at his ass. Hey! Whaddaya expect more?
Jacqueline actually was a modern woman, more than any First Lady before her - but she also knew what her people expected from her function. I  think that the submissive pose is less due to the fact that he was the man, but more to the one that he was the president.
JFK himself was very open but he also took a lot of care to keep a permanent distance between him and the rest of the world. When becoming president, he insisted that even his closest friends had to call him "Mr. President". This is one of his typical dualities: One side of him was fellow-like, with baths in the masses, allowing petting and hand-shaking. The other side was more distant and dignified than most other presidents, admitting no one to be on the same level as himself.
Back to the legs...I really do not know what to tell more about them. Except that they are breathtaking. A pain in the ass to draw, an eternal challenge, source of joy and despair.

Tomorrow: JFK's feet.

jeudi, novembre 19, 2009

Front and rear

Fourth day in the countdown for November 22.

Tuesday: Waist and beyond of John F. Kennedy

We come to the body part that is mostly of special interest. For any artist with any muse ;-)  This entry will be difficult to keep decent.
Going down to JFK's Waistline, we can merely guess what's beyond his clothes. I have some photos showing hin im wet bathing shorts glued tightly to his body, revealing the shape of his behind. His cheeks certainly were well-built, neither too flat, neither too big, just right. Or in more simple words: He had a nice ass!
The front part is harder to guess. There are some obscure witnessing from people who claim to have slept with him. The description of his parts vary widely and seem to depend on wether or not the person left JFK in good terms.
The level of truth of these reports must be considered with a lot of care. As a biographer once said: "If all these stories are true, JFK spent more time having sex than he had days in his life."
What we do know is that he was circumcised at the age of 21. He obviously hated it and called the Mayo Clinic, where it was done, the "dirtiest hole on earth".

Still looking at the wet-shorts photos, especially when looking at them long enough, it suddenly seems possible to sort the folds into what's just fold and what's... well, you know. Maybe it's just my imagination. However. According to the impression received this way, I have reasons to assume that his intimate parts were as well proportionated as the rest of the body.
I drew him naked a lot of time in my stories. Even full frontal.  All while I have become more and more skeptic about the depiction of violence, I still believe that the rendering of natural nudity is nothing wrong or bad.

Tomorrow: JFK's legs

mercredi, novembre 18, 2009


Third day in the countdown for November 22.

Wednesday: John F. Kennedy's Chest

After his hair and his face, we are inevitably go down to the parts of the body that are usually covered with clothing most of the time. Still we have Photos of JFK in bathing shorts or just bare chest, so we know how he looked there.
JFK's chest was as well proportionated as the rest of his body. He lived in a time when a man wasn't asked to go to the gym in order to get over-muscled and therefore being seen as "handsome", "healthy" or whatever. His son, JFK jr. had a lot more the kind of "beach"-body later, typically required in the eighties and nineties for menfolk. So there is a nice comparison between the generations. Useless to say that I prefer the older one. To my feeling, steely arm-muscles, where the veins look trough the skin like kind of worms, are all but sexy.

Of course, JFK had chest-hair, a thing that is more and more seen as unsuitable or even gross, today. One can often read that chest hair and pubal hair were "at the fashion in the sixties". This is nonsense. People back then just were as they were, and simply nobody thought of doing some shaving on these body areas.  Therefore you can't hardly speak of a fashion, since a fashion would reqire some active practice. Today's practice of full-body shaving actually IS the fashion. A fashion that probably would have alienated the people in the sixties, including JFK.
I am not really into too much chest-hair, but JFK's is just fine, since it is limited on a pretty triangle, leaving the rest of the chest clean. Nice and easy to draw. Because drawing body hair is always a bit tricky. In most of the time, it lets the figure look "dirty". This is due to the fact that in proportion, the hair would be much thinner than the finest pencil line.
JFK's arms were not too, but pretty long and his hands rather big. His fingers were bony and definitely not frail. Only the size of the hand prevented them to look gross like the paws of a lumber-jack.

Tomorrow: JFK's Waist, Hips and butt.  (I know you ALL gonna read this one ;-) )

mardi, novembre 17, 2009

Face of Beauty

Second day in the countdown for november 22.

Tuesday: Face of John F. Kennedy

I am repeating myself when I say that to me, JFK's biggest mystery has always been the fact that he is beautiful – without being it. Especially his « hanging » eyes with the over-developed lower eyelids certainly do not match the classical criteria for « beauty ».

Even tough, he is considered good looking by a majority of people. A huge challenge, especially for an artist. How can I render his beauty ...all while drawing the eyes?

Some time ago, I decided to solve the mystery by the means of « science ». I carefully measured his face and discovered that it has perfect proportions, meaning that every lenght, thickness and so on keeps repeating in other parts of his face. Measuring other faces made it obvious that he has more of these harmonies than a majority of the people, including his wife Jacqueline.

This explains why one has to avoid even the slightest error when drawing him – the proportions can not differ as much as a millimeter - or the result will be simply, "not him".

This is very difficult and probably the reason why most of the JFK-portraits I know are not good. Not really. I don't exclude myself from this poor rate: To my feeling, only one out of 100 from my JFK drawings are halfway accurate. This gives me headaches, sometimes.

I have a photo of him where some Idiot tought it was a good idea to « overpaint » his "eye-rings" (the lower eyelids). On the contrary to what the idiot probably wanted, JFK doesn't look good this way. His face is just boring, like some kind of shallow dressman. The "rings" are needed to render his beauty. HIS kind of beauty.
That leads us to the everlasting but so seldom respected conclusion, that beauty is indeed individual. There may be some basic criteria, like  proportions in harmony, but there is also something in addition to that.
Let's talk a bit more about the eyes. In addition to their form and their underlying « charms », they were particular big. But this can only be seen on photos where he is in a darkened room. He was very vulnerable when it comes to bright sunlight and squinted his eyes most of the times, when he was outside. 

The above photos show the phenomenon very well.

Of course, we all may have that kind of reflex, but it was strongly developed on JFK. You will barely find a photo of him in normal light showing him with the eyes open like on the sepia photo at the right. As I already mentioned in another post, his eyes were not blue as most of the people think, but seaweed-green.

As for the nose and chin, they have both the particularity that they are just enough developed  to make him look manly, but still so much refined and gracile to give him the all over willowy look. Mouth and lips are drawn in perfection, without the slightest irregularity.

It's an old artistic tradition to draw people handsomer than they are. Idealising is the word.  With JFK, this doesn't work, because reality will always be better than any artwork. Or am I idealising right now? I think, all artists feel this way when talking about their muses. Maybe this actually is the very true nature of a muse.

Tomorrow: JFK's chest and arms

lundi, novembre 16, 2009

Hairy thoughts.

We are entering in the last week of the what I call the Passionszeit. November 22 is next sunday.
As a tribute, I will dedicate this weeks entries entirely to JFK. Look at him and reflect about him from his hair down to his feet. How it feels to draw these parts of his body.

Monday: John F. Kennedy's Hair.

The hair was probably JFK's most recognizable physical asset. The forelock in the first, often draft in pure exaggeration by cartoonists who depicted it as if a squirrel was hidden under his scalp.
JFK's hair was unusually thick. One can see it well on photos where he had a  fresh haircut: The trimmed parts, especially on his side-head, look like the hide of a newly sheared sheep; all dense and firm, like a regular fur.

As for the famous forelock, it was originally split in two, spreading out left and right. I believe he wore it that way until his time in war and made the "one and only" hair-lure when he entered into politics.

As time passed, the forelock seemed to grow.
In the first days of his presidency, we have several photos of him with a haircut that reduced the forelock as well as the rest of his hair, sometimes down to a merely thicker part of his scalp, making the original hair-wave difficult to identify. Later, he obviously ordered his hair-stylist to spare the forelock, letting it grow more importantly. There are funny photos of him showing the fluffy forelock waving on a short-sheared head - almost an early punk!
As the forelock grew bigger and was heavier, it tended to fall into his face and the movement of wiping it away from his forehead with two fingers became well known and almost a brand sign, just as the hair itself. It's reported that his little Son, JFK jr, tried to imitate that movement, charming millions of people that way.
In 1962 and up to 1963, the forelock was as its pike and gave birth to the image most of us have in mind: JFK with his hair dancing in the wind.

When drawing the Kennedy mane, one have to carefully study the paths and ways this hair really makes. It's not that easy. It took me some time to learn it. Still, I enjoy it. In my stories - film or comics - JFK uses his hair as a way of expression: He can fuzz it up when he is upset or fearfull. It hangs down when he is sad. It's well groomed when he tries to seduce.
I draw his hair in a bright red tone. In reality, it seemed to have had different tones: Photographs go from red of course, up to bright blond, chestnut, light brown up to almost black. This is partly due to the early  colour photography, which wasn't that accurate. But I also think he started to colour his hair from a given time on.
The former german chancelor Schroeder once sued someone for pretending he has colored hair. JFK was more tolerant toward people saying that he was vainly. He once said: "I read in the papers that the Kennedy Brothers do care a lot about their looks and clothing. Well, me of course, but not my brother Bobby. He still wears those shirts with a button - Such are outfashioned since 5 years!"

Tomorrow: JFK's Face.

dimanche, novembre 15, 2009

Noise Terrorism

I am currently re-working the first Scenes of the Film. I wasn't really happy with them and I wanted to give the music more time to create an introducing atmosphere.  I hope that the aditional footage will do the job for that.
Unfortunately, the bug with the objects that doesn't render is still unsolved. It also happened on another file, now. It is not dramatic, I can bypass the issue, but it's annoying nevertheless. Anime Studio's Support isn't of any help, so far. All they can do is keeping me occupied by asking me all sort of information about my system and computer. Well, if it was a hardware or system issue, I wouldn't have been able to do any working scene at all, I guess.

What annoys me most these days is that the noisy neighbors down the street came back a few weeks ago. After four months of calm, I have to endure their fucking motorcycles daily now. Not only on weekend. They probably have lost their job,  therefore they have the time to turn around on their shit on wheels all day long, and even in the night. The noise is absolutely horrible.  It is not possible to have any rest, let alone concentrate myself on my work. I have pretty much gotten sick of that noise, since I am starting to have insomnia. I am under a constant stress, guessing wether or not they will pass again and the slightest sound that ressembles a motor makes me panic.

I don't think this is normal. As much as I love this place and village, if I were here on rent, I'd seriously consider moving away. But the house is mine and the chance to sell it is close to zero. A lot of houses - all bigger and more comfortable than mine are here on sale -  for years now. Nobody wants to move in such a remote village.
Noise is a hot topic in France. People start to defend themselves against noise-pollution more and more. Law has gotten better, but is not practiced in a sufficient way.  A year ago, a man who cracked under the stress of suffering the noise done by a couple of  idiots turning around with Quads under his window, took his rifle and blew one of them away. Of course, media felt sorry for the Quad driver and few asked if the drama could have been prevented if somebody dared to stop the noise-terrorism in time.
I may sound like a horrible person, but i do NOT feel sorry for the dead driver, not in the slightest way. I feel sorry for the shooter who is jailed for being a victim whose calls for help nobody took the time to care for.
When criticizing  reckless motorcycle-drivers, one often hears  arguments like "Oh, these are young people, have some sympathy, because they are poor, have no job and therefore their motorcycle is their only joy".
First of all, most of these dudes aren't exactly "young". For example, the Quad driver who was shot was 31. The Jackass who terrorizes my street since  years now is at the end of his twenties, too. I DO expect from a man of this age a slight bit of responsibility and having other interests than turning around on a bike all day long. Otherwise, it's not because he's young, it's because he's a stupid, selfish and hollow idiot!!
As for being poor, I am not rich, too. I could't even afford a motorcycle. And it wouldn't come to my mind to spread out shit to the whole neighborhood just for being short in money. What a stupid argument is that.

As a result, I am pretty stressed and don't know where this stress will lead me.

vendredi, novembre 13, 2009

Month of the Raven

In the middle of November, in the middle of the Passionszeit of mine. November 22 is aproaching and my dreams become deeper and more spiritual, tough not always enjoyable. Yestedays night I dreamt I was thrown in a deep cavern hole where big wolves with human faces waited there to tear me in pieces.

In another night I dreamt of a bunch of ravens that were in my garden. I catched one and wanted to kill it, but then I realized that they are somehow my friends. I apologized and let the raven free.

The raven stands for November, the Passionszeit, death.
The Raven is actually one of my totems, even tough it is the one I have the most complicated relationship with. His strenght probably enables me being in touch with the otherworld. So like in my dream, I should learn to see the raven as a friend, even tough he also stands for my fears and for the darkness.

Oddly enough, I have a raven issue in my actual Scene of la Bête des Vosges: In this scene, a raven is supposed to fly trough the dark forest, but for some odd reason, the animation showing that raven won't render when the whole movie is exported. All the other objects do fine. There is no obvious reason for this bug. I am in touch with Anime Studio's Support, they did not find the cause yet.

The scene in question is Scene 22...Go figure.
I probably should not wonder that on this scene, made in this month I have a raven issue...

mercredi, novembre 11, 2009


Finally, rain has stopped today and so I could cut some more wood and plant those new strawberries for next year. I also planted 2 cranberries: I am curious to see if they will actually grow. Cranberry is more commonly known in North-America, although that there is a native sub-species in Europe growing wild in the swampy areas. The American relative is much bigger and produces more fruits. This is why the cranberry plants I could buy are also the american ones.

Today, I finished Scene 22 and 23 in the Bête des Vosges Film. I also started to work on a scene that will apear later in the movie, JFK talking with the old lady.

dimanche, novembre 08, 2009

When progress seems so low

I have a lot of work these days. The weather has gotten worse; Rain and cold wind are not making things any easier and I try hard to get the rest of the wood cut and brought into the barn before it's too nasty outside. In the meantime, work is waiting at the drawing board.  I hate that feeling at the end of the day, when after hours of work nothing seems to be achieved. Not really.

The film is progressing, but not as fast as I wish. Wonder how long it will actually take me to finish it, at this pace. I am now at scene 22. A scene with mere ambience, designed to give the music a bigger role.

Still, it's fun to work with the new Anime Studio, since it has a lot of new features that will enhance the result.

mardi, novembre 03, 2009

Random Rant

Why the fuck...

*  Is it that in France, on every Supermarket ticket, receipt and bank statement you can still find the Price in French Francs under the actual Euro-Price?
Who cares for the damn French Franc Price! It's been10 years now since the Euro was introduced. If you still didn't get used to it, you probably won't in the future.  I know that it is apparently  difficult for some people to get a new currency into their daily thinking-work: Until the end of the Franc, some people still counted in Ancien Franc (!) -   with the absurd assumption that the rest of the world does the same, regardless of the fact that their interlocutor wasn't even born when the Ancien Franc was dropped in 1958.
These Retards probably still think in terms of Ancien Franc now, therefore the crackbrained mention of two prices on every  price label  is in vain anyway.

* Is it impossible to get ONE of all those young, unemployed men in my area who "beg for a job" climbing on my roof an d replace a couple of ceilings for a pay.

*  Is our local post-office closed at least three times a month for "exceptional reasons". They should make a new sign that reads "exceptionally open" for the rare days  that they are actually really open.

Who the fuck...

* Invented these annoying "leaf blowing machines" that do nothing else than just swirl up the dry leaves on the street all while making a satanic noise. Keeping some idiots occupied who are be too dumb for any other job?

dimanche, novembre 01, 2009

Fright Night :-)

Yesterdays night was pretty turbulent. Lots of Kids that came for trick or treat and later, a tall witch who knocked at our door and "casted a spell".  It took me a few seconds to realize that it was the disguised Neighbour Lady. We ended up laughing like crazy.
At 22:00 another knocking occured and this time it was even more scary. Kids this late? I opened the door and a whole bunch of young people started to play guitar and sing "This is the night of terrors, give us sweets". It was completely nutty but so much fun. Fortunatley I had enough chocolates to give out.
I bet that this pumpkin I placed outside the house attracted all those visitors:

The Pumpkin we had inside:

The altar where I burned some incense. The cat statuette in the middle depicts Bastet, the protecting Goddess of our home:

As I said in my previous post, today was more under the aspect of spiritual Samhain. I went out early with my Cycle into the foggy woods to cut some pine twigs. For Grave decoration. Then we went on our little cemetery we have in our garden. Usually we go by nightfall, but since heavy rains are announced today, we preferred to go while the weather is still calm.

These are the tombstones of my grand parents. right of it is the tomb of my cat Oddy, decorated with a white cat statuette.
Samhain is the entry into the Fog Moon (November) and in my personal, annual circle, it also marks the beginning of the Passionszeit, the most melancholic and dark days in the year - the awaiting of November 22, JFK's death day.
This time is where I sometimes must fight against sadness, a sadness that can evolve to a point that I even experience sort of a Stigmata: My right head-side hurts like hell. But it is also a time of closeness and renewal of the bond.