mardi, novembre 24, 2009

Days after

Now that November 22 is trough, I am restarting myself a bit. I look forward for December 2, the Celebration of Rhiannon and the time, I traditionally begin with the Advent decoration.

Looks like the storm we had will bring us much colder weather. Winter is coming, no doubt possible!
I did a lot of work, mainly on the films, but also on other projects. The Scene I currently draw on is a bit tricky and takes a lot of concentration.
I am pretty disappointed that Anime Studio's Support hadn't a better answer to my rendering issue than the assumption that my file aws to big for my system and therefore the latter did not render the avi in order to save memory. Well, if that would have been the case, than the same problem wouldn't had occurred on another file as well, much lower in size this time. What does it take to have a software company admit that their product has a bug?
Anyway, I have bypassed the problem in the meantime, but the presence of the bug itself doesn't make me confident for the future.

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Magaly Guerrero a dit…

Oh, computer related issues and the frustrated victims. I have been battling with my laptop trying to find someone who will fix it in front of me, for about a month. You see, my laptop had most of my writing (aspiring author) and I already had a very bad experience with a short story and a computer tech, so I want to watch.

Needless to say, I haven't found someone. At this point, I'm going from small shop to small shop, hoping for the best.

Anyway, there I go rambling again. I actually stopped to tell you that I have never met--or read--someone who's muse was a former President. Although JFK has been an inspiration to many. I'm going to browse around your site to check the product of your admiration.


Diana Kennedy a dit…

Thank you so much for your comment, Magaly. I cross my fingers that the issue with your laptop will be solved soon. I do hope you made backup of your work stored there. Loosing such is especially hard for authors - we should always keep our work safe on more than one place.

Magaly Guerrero a dit…

Things are looking better. I actually lost about 200+ pages of revised work, but I have the original. The only thing that makes me really antsy is the fact that I also deleted 20+ pages of a nonfiction proposal. I have nothing, so I'm hoping they can recover it. If not, well... I'll deal and be thankful for the rest of the wonderful things in my life.

Plus, I know that Fate knows best.